Working Groups

Natspec->Radspec [Wallet Ring] (10)
Extensible crypto for wallets [Wallet Ring] (12)
Ethereum 1.x workshop at Stanford Jan 2019 livestream [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (8)
(Wallet) Connect EIP [Wallet Ring] (10)
Non-wallet usage of keys derived from BIP-32 trees [Wallet Ring] (4)
Forming a Ring: Wallet Developers ( 2 3 ) [Wallet Ring] (57)
The UX of EIP 1024: Encrypt/Decrypt [Wallet Ring] (6)
Ethereum chain pruning for long term 1.0 scalability and viability [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (20)
Pando : Decentralized GitHub [Dev Tools Ring] (8)
Thread to begin discussing "Ethereum 1.0" proposals ( 2 ) [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (23)
State Rent proposal version 2 (rushed) [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (3)
Standardize URL Format for Web3 Browsers [Mobile Ring] (14)
Forming a ring: Mobile Ring [Mobile Ring] (14)
Council of Colorado - EthProduct call for participation [Product Management Ring] (1)
Whisper v2: Request for requirements for unified messaging protocol - X-Post to [Working Groups] (3)
State Rent proposal update and Dark Rent markets ( 2 ) [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (27)
Will we need an EIP to allow Hashpower signaling, and Node operator Signaling? [Signaling Ring] (11)
Developer Education Sharing Repo [Education Ring] (4)
On raising block gas limit (and State Rent) [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (6)
[WhiSpeG]: 2. Status Call. Code name "Oscar" [Ethereum Architects] (1)
Discussion about storage rent "eviction archive" nodes and incentives [Data Ring] (7)
Ethereum 1 dot X: a half-baked roadmap for mainnet improvements ( 2 ) [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (24)
Future Options for EVM + eWASM [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (5)
Alternative method to rent for alleviating the 'large and growing data' problem [Data Ring] (7)
Forming a Ring: Business Models [Working Groups] (7)
Ethereum Roadmap on the Ethereum Wiki [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (6)
Fund Lock - A Different Approach to Limit State Size [Ethereum 1.x Ring] (4)
Wallet relevant sessions at 35c3 [Wallet Ring] (4)
Micropayment technologies for service incentivization [Constrained Resource Client Ring] (6)
Guided On-boarding for Potential Contributors [Education Ring] (6)