Is there interest in another data ring meeting in Berlin during blockchain week?

Over the past year or so we’ve had a few interesting data ring meetings (Berlin, Paris, DevCon4). Are people interested in putting something together in Berlin this August?

I’ve always promoted the idea of fully decentralizing access to the Ethereum data, and have been making excellent progress lately. I’d love to share my work, discuss it’s implications, expand on how to proceed, etc.

I’m happy to try to put together an agenda, collect interested parties, but I’m also totally open to supporting someone else if they wish to organize. I posted a suggestion to the Ring Formation online form, so it should show up on the agenda. Please feel free to suggest topics, discussion points, presentation topics, whatever.

The more I watch the Ethereum space develope, the more I fear we are marching blindly into a situation where a few large companies are the only ones who will be able to extract and deliver historical data from the chain. This, to me, is a threat to the long-term viability of any blockchain.

Hey @tjayrush
If you need any help with organising this Meeting - getting a space for it or anything else (mostly regarding to organisation) let me know :slight_smile:
If you want to help us with organising this Council, join us on Telegram
:sparkles::sparkles:” is something already. Data rings could fit nicely into that…

Hi @nsexer. I just re-read my post. I guess I forgot to say that I meant to do this under the ‘data ring’ at the upcoming Magician’s meeting in Berlin in August. Would you like to help organize? @annett has offered to help as well. Suggestions for topics, etc. are very welcome.

You can count me in too :slight_smile: I may be busy helping @anett but will try to make this one.

One key thing is to find out what venue is best, considering which event we’ll be going to. The main Council is slated for Web3 Summit, but we’re hoping each Ring can happen where it is most convenient for its participants.

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