Ethereum 1.x Testing Working Group

The Ethereum 1.x Testing Working Group is dedicated to setting the standards for testing Ethereum 1.x.

This working group is not unlike the testing working group in existence within the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, where members are attempting to define standards and tests for various enterprise client implementations on the Ethereum network. Simiarly, discussions here will include but are not limited to pre/post fork testing, testnets, identifying key metrics within Ethereum 1.x, conformance tests, and testing standards.

Immediate actions would be to kick off with a call to define scope of the working group and the main contributors. Currently we have about 5 people with relevant testing interest that want to take on this initiative but this working group is open to anyone that wants to contribute either via research, development, or review.


Thanks for organizing this, @Eric! Who else is involved currently, or who else do you think should be in this WG?

I will ping those at the EF who are stakeholders in testing.

Hey @jpitts! Currently it’s Zak Cole, James Hancock (EthSignals), Dmitry, Antoine (ConsenSys), and a couple others from the Whiteblock team.

Would be great if you could connect us with people from EF testing.

We plan on having our first working call soon and to organize better from there.

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Relevant people to include would be me, @wtf (Anuj), @AlexeyAkhunov, @pipermerriam, @lithp and @FrankSzendzielarz

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Cool - we have a telegram chat going. if you shoot over your telegram I can add.