Community Call with Swarm - Storage Rent


From a discussion on Twitter about Storage Rent and Swarm:

Please follow this thread if you are interested in a community call, and we’ll update it with timing – likely week of May 6th.

@AFDudley @AlexeyAkhunov


Hi All,
This is Edina from Swarm. I would like to organize a call with you guys, shall I set up a doodle?
At the Swarm Orange Summit in Madrid (May 23-25) we will have a workshop on Ethereum Blockchain on Swarm and would like to invite you there to discuss this further.


Is there a particular time that workshop is scheduled for and are there any other topics that might intersect with this theme?

If there is sufficient interest, maybe it’s worth setting aside non-summit time to meet as well.


It really depends on @AFDudley / @AlexeyAkhunov’s availability. I will try to reach them.

A doodle poll would be good to coordinate on if they have time this week!


I had a call with some of the Swarm team members yesterday. I suggest doing community call as a part of summit (if there is a space in the agenda)


Ok. Or afterwards with a summary. Mainly want to help the Swarm team tell their story and have people have an opportunity to ask questions live. Will leave this for now - let us know if we can help.

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Are there conversations/topics which we can get started here in the meantime? It may help get organized before the “kick-off call” from the summit.

@tgerring @nonsense @AFDudley … and also @tjayrush from the Data Ring