Berlin Meta Cartel Demo Day Business Model Ring Notes

Permanent location of biz models -

Kevin - excited by PoolTogether
Uses compound to generate interest

12% on Compound

PT - makes 10%

Lots of questions on money to be made

Compound is killing it

Good model for DEX traders no fees — having fees from holding Ether

If deposits are highly fluid

Require of DEX might require deposit first before using in order to make money

Would users be OK with this?

cDAI or rDAI — stake who the interest goes to — eg fund a charity

Kevin: interest works with staking / deposits

Makoto: ETH NYC staking $30 worth of ETH
Needs to be DAI
Calculated that $18,000 — $45 of interest

More ETH in a contract is a security risk

About 10% of people never get their Kickback returned

Could I have Kickback memberships which are perma-staked

Megan: DAO like a Foundation endowment — enDAOment

Lili: kind of fun - evolve into something that isn’t luck

Build business model on top of opportunity cost — pyramid scheme

Idea: DAO with a stated mission — interest is used to fund grants etc - reputation

Reputation in DAOstack

Sebastien: Pay for a service, privacy preserving — need someone to pay for gas

Even 10% might be enough to fund things


Marketplace - ownerships / inventory take a cut

Continuous Funding
Inflation funding
Micro transactions — one way gas fee
Paying with compute — eg PoW
Data as Labour

Megan: how is NFT a business model?

Kevin: explains Gitcoin kudos
Artists makes $1 per mint

Boris / Megan: this is more like a marketplace model

Makato: secondary market is where lots of money is made ENS

Hadrien: with everything open source — what is the defensibility

Subscriptions: what is the current state of this?

Kevin: 1337 submitted — subscriptions using meta-transactions. Has a reference client.

Use it for Gitcoin Grants. Live and in production.

Next step: registry of people using subscriptions

Megan: Tried to integrate subscriptions into Veriledger, weren’t able to.

Idea - industry for profit closed source companies — percentage of revenue to open source projects.

Discourse blog post on how they give back to open source that they use: Discourse Gives Back 2017 | Blog

Jamie: something like a patent
Where software is built, and it’s not open source, until the team is paid

Sounds like DRM that people also hate :wink:

Lili: will make an iteration slower?

Guy: Sounds like an ICO or a promise?

Boris: Hapi license for access to new versions

Guy: what if Devs don’t open source?

Jamie: reputation or legal contract. Maybe slashing.

Noah: pay or contribute

Recommendations / curating — can you get paid by curating, affiliates

Guy: donations

Boris: we’re back to shareware!

Bonding curves: Influencers in this generation. Every influencer can have tokens. Can unlock exclusive content.

Megan: Fairmint — (can’t find link?)

Kevin: Commons Stack —

Makato: Nexus Mutual — insurance — needed as part of their model.

Kevin: bonding curves for Kickback

Boris - Scalpback: primary - I hate Kickback — I’m an event organizer, I need money to pay for events

Kevin: frontier, not extractive, projects like compound — accelerate the development of new models

What is the list of funding sources?

_Probably shouldn’t live here, Boris started a page on the Ethereum Wiki _

Moloch DAO
ECF - don’t have money AFAIK
Gitcoin Grants

Dominance assurance contracts

Funding public goods - no one wants to be the only one funding something


Kickstarter -

When I cross the line — I get my money back

1559 - 150K cost to implement
Working Group - Rick Dudley

Annet: Filter for appropriate Grants

Kevin: was the grant used?

Who decides: daostack — transparent

Common applications

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