CoreDevs ETH1x / Istanbul Meeting July Poll & Feedback


We’re in the midst of sending out wrap up emails and links from last weeks CoreDevs Berlin meetings.

Here is the email that went out:

Please also use this thread for feedback for those that attended, those that viewed the livestream, or those with other comments :wink:

Potential Next Meeting

Here are two polls to gather feedback on timing and location of a next meeting.

We have one volunteer @meknab who has said she can help out on the ground in Seattle or NYC. If you want to volunteer in a location or in general help out, leave a comment.

More links and action items to be added to this post or in the comments.

Where we would you prefer to attend a next meeting?

Pick two.

  • Seattle
  • New York
  • Somewhere in Canada
  • Somewhere in Europe
  • Elsewhere

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When would be good timing to attend?

Pick one.

  • Week of July 22
  • Week of July 29
  • I don’t care about meeting in person
  • I can’t make it

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should there be some options in August?


Feel free to propose! I picked the dates because I think you had DEFCON conflicts at some point? August 14th is Testnet deploy, so I didn’t want to conflict too closely to that. Essentially part of this would be to have clients & testnet folks coordinate.

Here’s also what I think the topics would be:

  • work on testnet / main net Istanbul deploys – so more let’s get prepped for testing, interop, and so on
  • kick off for April 2020 – pick a name, get dates from @shemnon Cheesy Hardfork Schedule, and essentially solidify what the next HF is
  • host working group sessions – now that we have a list of WGs we can ask those people to organize and just help host them

Also: to state again – I’m floating this as a proposed option. Should CoreDevs meet ~3-4 times per year, with the assumption that DevCon has meetings as well?


What does “Week of” mean? 2 days? 5 days?

About 20 family members converge on my place August 2, and we need time to get ready.


It means some TBD days in that week that will likely be a max of 2 days.


I can help out on the ground in Seattle.

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