CoreDev July Online Meeting

From CoreDev call there didn’t seem to be a lot of appetite to meet in person, and we are now only about 7 weeks away from the earlier dates proposed:

Talking to @shemnon, let’s schedule an online conference.

Danno would present an Asiago April 2020 hardfork plan, and by then we’ve likely got a ton of Istanbul topics that would benefit from live discussion.

I’ll suggest Tuesday July 23rd, 7am to 11am PST.


Should ETH1-ETH2 Bridge be a topic of discussion? If anything can make this easier, getting it into Istanbul would be good, or at least planning for the April hardfork.

See @cdetrio’s thread:


Yes, it should be. @ralexstokes and the rest of the working group (myself included) should be able to figure out what phases there might be, what forks they might be ready by, and give a good estimate of the schedule for integration of this key component of the ETH 2.0 Phase 0 release. We can at least get started.

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