(Update) Magicians in Osaka Call for Topics - "Ethereum Roadmap 2020"

Hey everyone :wave:
We started to work more intensively on getting stuff ready for Magicians in Osaka :jp:
We are working on getting a space for Council on Monday, Oct 7th.
Time TBA (but most likely from 2pm till 6pm Osaka time with group dinner afterward)
In the meantime, we are trying to get to know what topics you guys are interested in to talk about during Council.
Please comment on this post which topic you would like to bring up :sparkles:

Update (9/25)

Schedule, Magicians in Osaka Activities and more.

Due to not enough feedback, we decided to not have any official space and Council on Monday (Oct 7th).

It doesn’t mean that you can’t form a ring and have a ring meeting - of course, you can, feel free to create a new wiki post and self-organize this meeting. Check out this post Running a Magicians Session for more info on how to organize ring meeting. If you need help with meeting we’re happy to help you :slight_smile:

Ethereum Magicians are going to have a Lightning talk at Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks.

Pre-Devcon5 event organised by ETH Planet on Monday - Oct 7th, Time - TBA

Magicians and Cat Herders are taking over The Community Room during Devcon5!

We created a schedule for whole day of Tuesday - Oct 8th.


9:00am - Meet and greet with people in the community

9:30am - Welcoming Ceremony!

10:00am - Ethereum Enterprise Alliance meets Ethereum Community Discussion

10:45am Session: Open community discussion about participation with the EEA

11:30am - Community Discussion - Leading into lunch for those who want to stay

12:00pm - Break for lunch

1:00pm - Ethereum Roadmap 2020

1:15pm - Session: Eth1 Roadmap

2:00pm - Session: Eth1 - Eth2 Transition/Migration

2:45pm - Session: Eth2 Roadmap

3:30pm - Working Groups - Continue discussion from topics that were discussed before

5:00pm expected finish of discussions - enjoy the evening

Time frame is just approximate - may change during the day, follow @EthMagicians on Twitter and Telegram for fresh updates!
We put up this schedule on Eventbrite so it’s easier to share with friends that will be at Devcon5 :sparkles:

Thank you @jpitts & @timbeiko for helping out :pray:

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I suggest an Ethereum Cat Herders ring :slight_smile: We already have an outline for it. The TL;DR is we’d like to get suggestions about what the highest impact things ECH could work on are and try to onboard new Cat Herders.


I am not sure I will be in Osaka yet, but it would be cool to get the Cat Herder’s opinion on tools like Kialo for helping manage the Core Dev’s perception of contentious governance debates:

The big discussions at Ethereum Roadmap 2020 will be:

Enterprise Ethereum

Ethereum 1.0 and Eth1.x

Eth1-Eth2 Transition

Ethereum 2.0

Please reply with EIPs, ideas, concerns, anything which you (as a stakeholder) feel is critical and should be incorporated into the technical roadmaps.

Additionally, we will have 90 minutes (partly over lunch) for any topics you wish!

Lastly, we will have 90 minutes for Ring meetings at the end of the day (if this is possible in the room we’re using).

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I’d like to propose a dicussion surrounding Ethereum2.0 devtooling. (I’m one of the leads on Lodestar, the ETH2.0 Typescript/AssemblyScript client)

I’m giving an talk on the challenges moving forward (during the eth2 summit on day 3), and migration paths for existing tooling at Devcon. I think having existing ETH1.x tooling teams join a larger discussion would be extremely beneficial.

Some points that would be amazing to iron out:

  1. Existing pain points
  2. RPC interface, how can we make it better