Ethereum Magicians Protocol Roadmap Session @ Devcon VI

As in Osaka, Ethereum Magicians are organizing a community session to discuss Ethereum’s roadmap. We will first have a short retrospective on The Merge, then spend the bulk of the session discussing potential protocol changes researchers, developers and community members are most excited about.

For the second part of the session, we will briefly discuss how network upgrades’ planning could change post-merge, in a world of coupled execution and consensus layer clients, executable specs and the ever-changing EIP process. Finally, champions of Core EIPs will have the opportunity to briefly present their EIP and announce further working/discussion sessions about their EIP later in the week. Given limited time requirements, priority will be given to EIPs which have signalled they wish to be considered for Shanghai.

Once the devcon schedule is out, this post will be updated with specific time & location information !


Bounty - we are looking for session live note taker

We are looking for someone to live take notes from this session (3 hours long), the deliverables are notes which we can work with afterwards. The notes should be shared to this thread ideally in markdown or as google document, within a week after the session and the author will be rewarded 200 DAI. Let us know if you would like this spot

More EIP and ERC Sessions

At Devcon there will be co-working space and hacker space available and we highly encourage community to self-organise specific EIP and ERC session. Please post to this thread announcement more information when your EIP meeting is happening. Let us know if you need help with your session.


Hello. I would love to help to take notes from this session. The notes taken will be ready within a week and I will ensure it is detailed. I have written some publications before


Happy to help coordinating, presenting, faciliating on all EIPs related to:

  • NFTs/SBTs/ABTs/Token-gating/Curation
  • music nft metadata
  • Privacy and self-sovereign identity
  • Other Radical Exchange topics e.g. Plural Property

Hey Tehila, I would like to help with the translation of the notes for spanish speaking people. @anett @timbeiko is this ok for EF? I have been doing this for almost every ACD Call since 3-4 months ago

Thanks for offering! To be clear, this session is aimed towards Core EIPs, but I personally would love to see a separate one focused on ERCs. The neat thing about Ethereum Magicians is that, like Ethereum, it’s permissionless! If you want to put together an ERC session during devcon, you can go ahead and do so :slight_smile: In terms of space, AIUI, there is some coworking space during the venue, so you could use that.


Let’s make the soulbound reign happen ! Email me and let’s change knowledge on my proposal :

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Hi, we are still looking for in-person note taker for the session. Unfortunately Tehila can’t attend the session in person

Hi @anett, my name is Marcus and I am a contributor at ENS DAO. I write the bi-weekly newsletter and have covered DAO wide updates since its inception. I will attend Devcon this year and will be assisting the ENS DAO at their booth.

Are you still looking for a note taker? I would be happy to do this for you and I can also translate the notes from English to Spanish. I am a Colombian National and am native/fluent in both languages.