The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread


Hi everyone. I am an Apple alumnus with skills spanning iOS mobile dev, 3D graphics, and AR/VR. I am currently building data visualization apps for genomics researchers in Cambridge (near Boston) in the US. I am a hybrid with both tech and design in my DNA.

I recently began wandering around the cryptocurrency/blockchain space looking for a door to open.

Here’s a talk I recently gave entitled How to Think About Augmented Reality

Tweets: @dugla.


Hey there, everyone! I’m Wil Wenzel, a blockchain lawyer in Los Angeles with a background in business and corporate law. I’m currently servicing a handful of blockchain tech companies along with my regular client roster. I’m also regularly going out into the legal and accounting communities to lecture, bringing folks up to speed on blockchain tech so the professionals aren’t so scared of the new developments.

This is my first post and I look forward to participating with all of you more soon!


I wonder if anyone is reading this at this point… Anywho, I’ve been in software for a little while now and was put on to Ethereum and IPFS at the beginning of 2016. Started doing some development for a few companies, started a company, and now I’m roughly a leaf on the wind looking to help out here and there in various projects.

I’ve totally drank the koolaid, but I’m also very pragmatic and want to work on general things to extend all blockchains that come out of the space. For the purposes of Ethereum, I am going to be spending a good bit of time on state-channels as these are going to be the only thing that possibly prevent ethereum from being trounced by other chains in the short run. It’s important to not blindly believe that sharding and PoS are going to be finished and work, we didn’t intend to need scaling this soon, but the fact is that we need it now.

That’s really it, you can find me on twitter @hrdwrknvrstps, I’m a troll and I like to question everything.


I’m MP, or María Paula if you want to call me by my full name, never María.
Working in communications for Golem, helping out a couple other projects and organizing ETHBerlin.
Happy to help with my expertise, as much as possible, and to help raise awareness.
Been working in the space for more than a year, still have plenty to learn. Very interested in social topics, very uninterested in personal or professional agendas.

And I make sick memess and I’m also a known troll.


Software engineer and neuroscience PhD working in medical imaging research. I am quite interested in possible applications of Ethereum in academia (e.g. publishing), image processing, data sharing… I am experimenting with dapps


Hi everyone. My name is Kartic and I look after the community at GovBlocks. I’m not a dev myself but have been around developers building communities for a while now.
I’m especially interested in DAO governance (big surprise) and hope to add value here in whatever way I can

@karticrakhra on twitter :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’m Ivan, nice to meet you all!
I’ve been in the professional dev scene for a few years now working with React and JS and I’m trying my best to get into the Ethereum scene more. I’ve been studying Solidity for 9 months now and have toyed with ERC20 and ERC721. I love this field and I’m hoping to learn as much as I can about it :slight_smile:

Hoping to talk with everyone soon!


Hi all, I’m Matt Stephenson, founder of Planck/Glyphics (prizes and science on the blockchain.)

I’m a PhD in behavioral econ and I’ve been working on “solving” fomo-3D’s game using a commitment strategy. Somehow I didn’t know about these boards (I’ve been posting in but I’m excited to discuss on here.


Hey, I’m Jason Ernst, CTO at the RightMesh project. Looking to get more involved in the Ethereum community, and will likely be in Prague for DevCon, so wanted to connect ahead of time.

Really interested in payment channels, UI/UX for wallets, key management, network protocols


Hi All! Rachel Cheng from the RightMesh project, Dev Manager/Developer.

Interested in a lot of things: payment channels, UI/UX for wallets, key management, token standards, keeping up to date with what’s happening in the Ethereum community. Happy to connect with anyone! Will likely be in Prague for DevCon :crossed_fingers:


Hy ,

This is Ankit Raj. I am a Solidity contributor. I got dev grant from Eth Foundation on Phase 1. After that I have continued my contribution to the community. My interest lies on scalability in payment channel, & interoperability. Looking forward to meet you guys and learn from you all.



Hi everyone. I’ve been working for brainbot (raiden network) for almost a year now, but I’m going back to studying economics soon. I want to dive deeper into game theory.
Hopefully see some of you at ETHBerlin!!


my name is Marius, I’m working on payment and state channels at Perun (, Ethminer ( and my own blockchain called SM²-Coin ( which uses a proof-of-storage consensus to provide useful instead of wasting energy like PoW’s

I would love to meet all of you at Devcon in Prague!


Hi there!

I’m Ryan Noble, can find me on most platforms as RyRy79261. I’m the lead blockchain developer for Linum Labs, heading up the Protea network project and assisting with Molecule.

Essentially I’m addicted to the why of all things, blockchain being the an endless spring of weird 'why’s.

My goal is to make blockchain seamless and invisible while doing weird and wonderful nonsense along the way.

Main topics are security, ux & reputation/identity systems, would want to see a school of though in blockchain that moves away from tokens and proxy enumerations.

Background in full stack progressive web apps and redux driven FE animation work, that can get pretty limiting in terms of what you’re allowed to do so blockchains been much more satisfying.

Cant wait to dive in to everything here!


Hey all,

I’m Michael Hahn (moniker: blurpesec) and I work at MyCrypto on the Etherscamdb project as well as user education and support. I’m interested in security, privacy, and decentralized storage and governance! Background is in Information Tech, but I am currently self-teaching cryptography and web app development. Eventually, i want to get into Data Analysis and ML. I look forward to cooperating with you in the future!


Hello. This is Chris Hobcroft here.

Defined by:

  • Exploration of Europe, India and Asia
  • Lifelong relationship with computers
  • Being really tall
  • Studying of Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Cooking of tasty food
  • Driving motorbikes
  • Playing with cameras and Microphones
  • Vipassana Meditation and Hatha Yoga
  • Making music with people
  • Pursuit of decentralized technologies and ideologies
  • Giving hugs (@GNSPS we should compare techniques sometime)


This is Stan Kladko - I am co-founder of Skale, we raised $8M to build a mineable decentralized network of fast EVM-compatible sidechains. We use threshold signatures and a set of pre-compiled solidity smartcontracts to send messages across sidechains and from our sidechains to the ETH main chain. Each sidechain can reach tens of thousands of transactions per second.


Hey everyone, I’m Sina Mahmoodi. I’m finishing my master’s in CS atm, and I hope to become more involved in development/research in the ecosystem (read aspiring junior researcher :blush:). My current side projects are ethbase, an oracle for event logs, and relay-network, a p2p relay network for L2 execution markets.

I find what everyone’s doing here at Ethereum Magicians really valuable, and would love to help if I can :slight_smile:.


Hello everyone! This is Umur Basar. I am one of the co-founders of Pheme, a decentralized publishing platform built on IPFS & Ethereum. At Pheme, we are trying to find the right motivations and tools to help people (and ourselves) to write and share their ideas/views more often. We invest heavily in UX and target nocoiners for mass web3 adoption.

We will be hosting a workshop at web3 summit in Berlin on October 24th. Please join us and write that article you have been postponing for this whole time :slight_smile:

I am also the product manager for Galleon, a desktop wallet for Tezos (my bread and butter). I am based in NY. Would love to grab a coffee with any eth magician visiting/living in NY!

Happy to be here!


hello, i want to live as long as gandalf and truly believe the only way to do that is by increasing human bandwidth to scale R&D. take down the silos + collaborate for public benefit.

the only reasonable way to do this without confidentiality agreements is thru crypto-economic incentives --> web 3.0 (ethereum et. al. + IPFS).

we will trade fungible intellectual property rights on a blockchain, and this will unlock exponential life expectancy. security + metadata = global trade of any information value. when dfinity.