The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread

I am posting this thread to say hi to folks. I encourage others to do this same.

Hi :wave:

I am Kevin Owocki (owocki (Kevin Owocki) · GitHub)… I am a CS degree from UDel and nowadays I work at Consensys on In a past life I’ve given nerdy talks on mental health ( Kevin Owocki "End Suicide Stigma" at Ignite Boulder 26 - YouTube ) lucid dreaming ( Kevin Owocki "Lucid dreaming" at Ignite Boulder 28 - YouTube ) and why Blockchain is the TCP/IP of money ( Kevin Owocki @ Ignite Boulder 34 -- Blockchain is the next TCP/IP - YouTube )

I #BUIDL with web3py, python3, django, and a good pinch of metamask/truffle

See you all around the discourse threads. Subscribing to email notifications now.

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Hi all, I am Jamie Pitts.

I help out at the Ethereum Foundation with operations. In blockchain development, I am most interested now in metadata / Semantic Web and, generally, standards which have the potential to create ecosystems.

For a long time, I have had an interest in self-organizing social systems, particularly ones in which goals are accomplished or problems addressed.

My twitter is


Hi friends! I’m Lane Rettig. I’m on the ewasm team (working on replacing the EVM with a new webassembly-based engine). I also run a technology-agnostic blockchain community based in New York City called Crypto NYC. I have a background in tech, finance and entrepreneurship, but I’ve been working full-time on blockchain and Ethereum since last year.

I’ve become really fascinated with governance recently since I think it’s critical, it’s a lot less well-formed than blockchain tech, and it gives us a chance to rebuild certain social structures and institutions in a very powerful, compelling way.

My twitter is


Hi all,

I’m Dan Phifer, CTO and co-founder of Musiconomi and co-founder of the Musicoin project before that. Thanks to jpitts and gcolvin for getting this going. I’m looking forward to many insightful and enlightening discussions that will take place here.

I think we have a great opportunity to set a very high standard for the level of discourse that becomes the norm for this site. The meeting in Paris was certainly an auspicious start and made it clear that there are many intelligent people interested in getting involved.

It was great to meet many of you at EthCC and I hope I will be able to attend the next in-person meeting (EdCon maybe?).



I’m Will Entriken. I am contributing to EIPs (we passed #165 and #721) and Solidity development. I am working on a very simple advertising platform called Su Squares.

Also, I am presenting at the Explore 721 conference in Dallas next week.


Hey folks,

Santiago Palladino here (smpalladino on Twitter), from Zeppelin. I’m particularly interested in the government process for deciding on ERCs, given that OpenZeppelin provides standard implementations for some of them.

Really happy to see such awesome people around here!



I’m Andy from Status, where I am the interplanetary cat herder. I build mobile DApps, help manage and run education for our community. I come from a language and linguistics background, with a bit of applied maths and physics thrown in for good measure, and am most interested in the kinds of communication that can be created through building decentralized systems.

Really happy to be here, and encourage you all to also check out for a really great community project that ought to interest quite a few people here.

Only love for you all!


Hello all. I finally fought my way through the activation system by using a different email. I’m still on the road home from EthCC, which was a great conference in a great city. So glad to meet all of you that I did. More later when I settle in.



I’m Alex and I’m working with nonprofits to help onboard them. I’m interested in crypto’s value to the developing world.


Hey guys! :wave:

I’m Gonçalo from ConsenSys Diligence.

Currently doing security & optimization stuff on Ethereum. Also Director of Hugs @ ConsenSys. :smile:

I’m also a hopeless technocrat and truly believe that love wins all in the end. So be kind! :heart:


Hey everyone,

I’m Paul (@paulapivat on twitter), i’m looking to do research bridging cryptoeconomics, governance and my background in social-organizational psychology.

Will be going to “The Philosophy of Ethereum Governance” session shortly before EDCON, come say hi if you’re there.



My name is Thomas Jay Rush, but people call me Jay. Working on QuickBlocks. Looking forward to meeting many of you in Toronto. Very interested in the idea of how large groups of people coordinate and work together for the greater good. Big fan of the group.


Hi everyone. I’m just getting started on smart contracts. Long time software engineer and also California lawyer. Working on how to blend smart contracts (solidity and ethereum atm) with traditional legal terms to see how they could come together under contract law and be enforceable in a court at this repo (lots to do):

Also interested, naturally, in regulation of ethereum, blockchain, icos, etc… hit me on Twitter @michaelricelaw.


I’m Jean. My key interest is high performance computing. I rewrote much of the ethminer code bringing it up to best in class performance, at least for Nvidia GPUs. I no longer pursue this… what’s the point of developing miner code at this stage? I am fascinated by the governance issue and how Ethereum will handle it. It mirrors current societal problems in so many ways!


Hi everyone. I’m working on sharding with Rust along with a few others.


Hi, Remco here.

Currently working on the decentralized exchanges and generally improving the ecosystem with 0x.

Founding partner at Wicked Ventures (aka WickEth). Former technical co-founder of Neufund (tokenized equity), Cointel (blockchain forensics), Storro (p2p encrypted filesharing) and Coblue (cybersec). Mathematician and programming language geek.


Hey everyone. I’m Nabil from Status.

Worked at Googs for around 8 years on maps and flights. Joined Status end of 2017 to help bring mass adoption to ethereum!


Hi all. I’m Carl. I started and help moderate r/ethtrader where we’re starting to incorporate functionality provided by the r/recdao project for things like governance and curation. Reddit can be a tough, frustrating environment, but it’s where (many) people are so I think it’s worth working with that.


Hello all,

My name is Fodé Diop. I’m a Smart Contract Engineer at here in Oakland California.

I’m currently working on interesting Renewable Projects and I’m here to learn.


I encourage you with this approach! If you want to get into blockchains, much of what you learn at university won’t be relevant. (Indeed, much of what anybody learns at university doesn’t get used.) It’s risky, but persevere and you will make progress more quickly than you would if you finished a degree.