The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread


Hello all,

My name is Fodé Diop. I’m a Smart Contract Engineer at here in Oakland California.

I’m currently working on interesting Renewable Projects and I’m here to learn.


I encourage you with this approach! If you want to get into blockchains, much of what you learn at university won’t be relevant. (Indeed, much of what anybody learns at university doesn’t get used.) It’s risky, but persevere and you will make progress more quickly than you would if you finished a degree.


Hello All,

My name is Matt Lockyer, CS and Development background.

Currently working on:

Draft implementation here:

Seeking any help with pushing this along standards track and completing a robust sample implementation to pass off to Zeppelin for maintenance.

Thanks and pleasure to meet everyone!


Hi all. I’m William Schwab. I’m new to development in general (was a full-time scholar), and I sort of fell down the rabbit hole while I was trying to figure out how to Hello World in Python. (Don’t ask.) I’m really excited by the whole Ethereum space in general, though the governance issues are also particularly interesting to me.


Hi all, looks like you’ve got a nice community here. I’m Harry Wright, a developer currently working for Totle, who are building a liquidity aggregator/trading platform for decentralised exchanges. I spend most of my time coding in Solidity and Javascript. Look forward to chatting to you all on the forum.


Hey everyone, AtLeastSignificant / Tomshwom here. VT CpE/Math/Cyber grad ( @CryptoHokie ! ) and work as a systems engineer / cybersecurity specialist.

I’ve been supporting the community for a little over a year now via reddit moderating (/r/ethereumnoobies, /r/ethereumcommunity, /r/ethdev, /r/cryptoguides, /r/ethgarden), blogging on, youtube, twitter, etc.

Most interested in the greater societal implications of blockchain tech, digital self-sovereignty, and cyberlibertarianism.


Hi all, Hugh Karp here from Nexus Mutual. Unfortunately I’m not a dev, I’m an actuary by training and have quite a few years experience in the insurance world. Decided to apply that knowledge to blockchain and hopefully help out the community by providing a mutual based alternative to insurance for smart contract bugs. So hopefully that’s somewhat applicable here.

Really looking forward to the discussion!


Cool, I worked and studied with renewable energy before pivoting to Ethereum! I found that the pace of growth is slower than what is needed, hopefully Ethereum will help to change that, e.g. with Grid+.


Also I recommend reading, there’s lots of info there, although the governance compendium is rather short:


Hi everyone :wave:!

I’m Ben Kaufman from SealDeal.
I’m a software developer focusing on smart contracts for the last year.
Open source contributor at my free time (which I don’t have much from…), focused mostly on Vyper.
See you around here :slight_smile:


Hi Kev! You sound like someone who has an overview of this space. Im looking around, I’m an inventor, trying to change the world as usual, and one of my projects just ran aground on this crypto, blockchain subject. Who do you suppose I can find to talk to around here and get some advice? My area is pretty far from etherium lol.
Deep subjects, and the language is once all its own!


I’d highly recommend for any questions about Ethereum/blockchain tech. If it’s a more technical or developer oriented question, /r/ethdev is a good resource along with



I’m Marcus Mönnig, based in Hamburg, Germany. I have worked in IT for about 20 years as a software developer and as an Oracle OCM DBA for the last 10 years. Got bored a bit, so I recently quit my DBA job to focus on blockchain. I currently deal with solidity development in general and especially on smart contract security/auditing.

Twitter: MarcusMonnig



Hello everyone :wave:,

I’m Tom Nash, founder of Flex Dapps which is a Web3 proof-of-concept agency based in Melbourne Australia. I studied Software Engineering and have been working with smart contracts for a couple of years now. Personally I’ve supported the local community in Melbourne by running regular Ethereum explainer meetups for the last year as well as a weekly hack night for about three months now.

At Flex we’re working on exploring the entire Web3 stack and looking at how we can pull different pieces of technology to build funky useful things like the (kind of) decentralised file-selling application Enzypt(dot)io and the completely useless but kind of fun Blockhash Tone Matrix.

Personally I’m interested in the effect that Ethereum and other technologies can have on how people organise themselves around shared ideals.



Hi there,

I’m Tim Bansemer. My background is in network engineering and IT Security. I joined the blockchain space last year and I’ve been working with Ethereum since then, mainly in the consulting business how this new technology can be applied for enterprise customers, public sector but also what it brings in the general sense. I organised with a group of very nice people the “Blockchain for Society” meetups in Amsterdam, Berlin, Leipzig and Hamburg before moving forward to start my own company to support the growth of the blockchain space.

Since a long time I’m very interested in governance but recently things fall in place how governance and blockchain play together. This is my main interest regarding the Ethereum community - to connect and to find ways how we can find new governance mechanisms which can help to coordinate for and around distributed systems. For that reason we also initiated the #dgov18 conference in Athens this year.

Next to governance my focus remains in the security aspects of distributed consensus technologies. I believe that we need to achieve a state where we can trust those platforms to be mission critical.

Together I hope that we can archive an inclusive, sustainable well being for anybody through distributed consensus technologies.

My twitter is


I am an Ethereum developer (working mostly on Swarm) and the principal author of ERC 681. It seems like there is some interest in public discussions about the latter, so I joined this forum.


Hello everyone,

Augusto from Winding Tree here, Im in charge of the blockchian related development and R&D on WT. I add some experience in ERCs after writing ERC827 like 8 months ago (still in draft). &

Im interested in ERCs goverance, on chain implementations and ens-erc domains, looking forward to solve some issued we have currently on ERC827 standard and deploy an on chain implementation mantained by developers.


I’m void4 (@dd4ta) and I’m interested in

  • exploring alternative deterministic virtual machines
  • interfacing electronic passport/id cards with smart contracts


Hi folks, I’m Andrew Chiw, and I first got to know of Ethereum Magicians last weekend through your unconference at c-base.

I used to be a web developer using Django, but a year ago I joined the Quantum Resistant Ledger and I’m interesting in getting deeper into the decentralized-everything-blockchain space. Right now I’m doing whatever I can in go-ethereum.


Hi Marcus, I’m the founder of a project call Mega. We are building with giant LEGO and automated robot cranes, we want to tokenize our building units. If you might be interested in joining our project I can send you more detail. Sounds like you have a good grasp of blockchain!
My speciality is in construction and development of construction systems. Basically we are rebuilding the construction method, it’s my favorite project so far!