The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread


Hi @RiganoESQ. Don’t know who you are, but I love the words you speak: “collaborate for public benefit…without confidentiality agreements…” Right on!


Hello all !
My name is Jean-Malo from France, I’m buidling a cryptobank for companies called
We intend to provide companies the tools they need to run their operations.
TLDR, it’s non-custodial, dedicated to teams and we are working on making the experience as seamless as possible.
Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it.
Have a lovely day,


What’s up y’all!

Very late to this thread but thought I’d give it a try! My name is Robby Greenfield, and I’m Co-founder of Consensys Social Impact, which focuses on Building solutions for the social sector, typically pro-bono, developing partnerships, and working on UX research to better onboard marginalized communities into the Blockchain ecosystem.

I’m a solidity, web3, api and front end nerd looking to grow from all of you geniuses in here. I also love developing social sector Token models. You can find me here Amon the tweets: @robtg4

And here on the Mediums:


hi Everyone!

My Name is Antoine Herzog. I co-founded IOV, french company working to improve user-experience and interoperability.

Looking forward to have great conversations.

Kind regards



Hi everyone!

My name is Vlad, I’m working on Unframework project ( from the beginning of 2018. The project aims to help solve standardization and interoperability.

It is an abstraction layer over standards and features that enables:

One of my passions is to enable an environment where anyone can create his own standard/language/service while being still understood by all other parts of the system. You can read a description of a particular use case here


Data standardization with a rough consensus