The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread


Hello all !
My name is Jean-Malo from France, I’m buidling a cryptobank for companies called
We intend to provide companies the tools they need to run their operations.
TLDR, it’s non-custodial, dedicated to teams and we are working on making the experience as seamless as possible.
Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about it.
Have a lovely day,


What’s up y’all!

Very late to this thread but thought I’d give it a try! My name is Robby Greenfield, and I’m Co-founder of Consensys Social Impact, which focuses on Building solutions for the social sector, typically pro-bono, developing partnerships, and working on UX research to better onboard marginalized communities into the Blockchain ecosystem.

I’m a solidity, web3, api and front end nerd looking to grow from all of you geniuses in here. I also love developing social sector Token models. You can find me here Amon the tweets: @robtg4

And here on the Mediums:


hi Everyone!

My Name is Antoine Herzog. I co-founded IOV, french company working to improve user-experience and interoperability.

Looking forward to have great conversations.

Kind regards



Hi everyone!

My name is Vlad, I’m working on Unframework project ( from the beginning of 2018. The project aims to help solve standardization and interoperability.

It is an abstraction layer over standards and features that enables:

One of my passions is to enable an environment where anyone can create his own standard/language/service while being still understood by all other parts of the system. You can read a description of a particular use case here


Data standardization with a rough consensus

Hi All,

Maggie Love - I have been @ ConsenSys since summer of 2017 and previously product strategy / management at IBM Watson, where I launched a portfolio of 7 finserv Watson based products. Since joining ConsenSys, I have been helping projects launch, operationalize, and grow. My strengths are in strategic consulting, project and process management, operations, marketing, and growth. Looking to get more involved in initiatives that seek to improve the overall ecosystem, its processes, and D&I initiatives.

@melove_07 on twitter – sometimes I tweet crypto, sometimes randomness, and sometimes things that make me laugh :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself ahead of ETHDenver (very excited). I have more of a finance background - worked on the trade desk at BATS (acquired by CBOE) then most recently worked at ShapeShift as a financial analyst then later as the head of reporting & analytics. I’m a self described open finance shill.

Stumbled head first into the crypto UX world by necessity. I’m very interested in helping build a more usable, open financial system - specifically, by conveying the benefits of use, simplified onboarding, education / content, more intuitive dApp experiences, and better analytics. I left ShapeShift recently and am in the very early days of starting to fuel this mission.

Also, I’m based in Denver! See everyone at ETHDenver. Follow me on Twitter and say :wave: :




I’ve been lurking here since November and it’s time to introduce myself.

In my corporate life I was a Technical Product Manager, designing and building APIs and data stores. I’ve recently left 9-5 behind to work on Ethereum projects full time.

I’m drawn to Ethereum because of its potential to put the tools of production AND stores of value into the hands of every day people. I imagine a world in which people spend the majority of their lives entertaining each other (and make their living at it).

Outside of Ethereum, I like backpacking and playing MtG. I lived in Istanbul for a few years, where I spent all my free time studying the symbolism in the city’s incredible art and architecture.



I am based in Austin, Texas. My interests in software engineering, politics, and cryptography led me to Ethereum. And I used to work in fintech in SF.

Recently I’ve been working on headlong, a high-performance Java library for ABI and RLP (feedback welcome). I also have a background in Android.

I’m interested in making the Ethereum ecosystem faster and more JVM-friendly.

-Evan Saulpaugh


Hi there! I’m Jackie Peters. I work with Orchid Labs on UX, research and product design.

I’m really interested in helping to solve some of the UX challenges that come along with this space along with emergent systems, ethics, governance, education and adoption. Excited to share and exchange ideas with you all.

Who’s going to be in Paris?

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