Magicians in Osaka Call for Topics

Hey everyone :wave:
We started to work more intensively on getting stuff ready for Magicians in Osaka :jp:
We are working on getting a space for Council on Monday, Oct 7th.
Time TBA (but most likely from 2pm till 6pm Osaka time with group dinner afterward)
In the meantime, we are trying to get to know what topics you guys are interested in to talk about during Council.
Please comment on this post which topic you would like to bring up :sparkles:

I will keep updating this post as more information will get confirmed and we will get a better picture of headcount and topics.

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I suggest an Ethereum Cat Herders ring :slight_smile: We already have an outline for it. The TL;DR is we’d like to get suggestions about what the highest impact things ECH could work on are and try to onboard new Cat Herders.


I am not sure I will be in Osaka yet, but it would be cool to get the Cat Herder’s opinion on tools like Kialo for helping manage the Core Dev’s perception of contentious governance debates: