Improving NFT standard


I support the approach shown above at NFTPermit.sol · GitHub

Minor feedback

  • Maybe should be separate ERCs for 721 and 1155 extensions.
  • It should be loudly noted that this depends on EIP-712 which is in draft.

Although this is a “good” approach. A “great” approach is to just deploy the same thing as a utility which applies to any existing NFT.


Nice!I want to promote data encapsulation with NFT

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I am interested in idea of having a standard interface for NFT primary mint. I created a thread here:


Recently there has been an interest in adding new types of roles to NFTs, such as:

Since there are various use-cases (thus roles) and each has its own specifics I think that the idea that @ ilanolkies suggests here is interesting.

Although @fulldecent has concerns in fragmenting the standard, even more, I think that the idea of having a generic definition for roles might be something that we can explore.

Can we have a “temperature check” prior to picking that up? I would be interested to get your feedback on it.


You could see this proposal It has some good ideas for a new NFT standard. ERC CallistoNFT standard

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Really liked the ideas here to enable renting NFTs :slight_smile:
@peroket and I have been working on an ERC721 extension IERC721Rental that transfers the token’s ownership temporarily to the renter and delegates the rental logic to another contract IERC721RentalAgreement that guarantees that the rental terms are honored.

Here is our proposal: ERC721 extension to enable rental

Happy to collaborate on this!!

Hey everyone. I just proposed a very simple EIP to standardize a token state hash function. I have seen several attempts to define that, but none have been accepted/adopted.

I would appreciate your comments on the proposed EIP draft and open questions at the bottom of the post.

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