DAPP UX & adoption unconf in Prague (June 30)

Hi everyone,

as I mentioned at the web3 UX unconf, I’m organizing a followup UX event in Prague this June.

To goal of the event to learn from each other’s approaches, share best practices and find a way to collaborate in order to bring all of those groundbreaking apps to masses.

The event is happening in the Institute of Cryptoanarchy in Prague, on the June 30. It’s a free one day invite-only event which will publicly live-streamed.

The event is locked, for now, to first secure spots for people working on relevant projects:

If you wish to present or attend, please let me know here or via josef@polynom.com and I’ll send you the password.

If you will be in Prague before and after the event, I’ll also organize the following sides:
Friday, June 29
Intro dinner/drinks

Saturday, June 30
The event itself.
After unconf dinner

Sunday, July 1
Open panel and working session

If you wish to stay in Prague and you are looking for a workspace, let me know and I can get you a spot in the Institute or Paper Hub co-work in the same building.

Any suggestions are welcomed.


Last minute but I’d like to come!
Is the best method of reserving to use https://dapp.polynom.com/ ?

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Yes! That way you get the whole experience :slight_smile:

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