Wiki: Proposed agenda for the "Council of Berlin", set for July 14-15 (updated)

This is a great start. Let’s have an attendees section at the bottom where people can say “I’m coming” – I think long single page makes the most sense.

Love the “side-chains encouraged” wording!

Hey there. For now, I plan to attend.

Could we discuss communications and how we can engage the larger community? We’re covering heavy topics, or plan to, and I want to avoid the criticism of “Who are you people and why are you making decisions for the community” criticism.

My current project is not public but should be in time for this event. We are working on problems in the non-profit/charity sector. Looking forward to meeting you all.



Thanks for bringing this up. I was thinking about this today and discussed with @boris about how we can reach out more effectively.

I hope to have a representative, diverse, and highly qualified group come together in Berlin in order to move the work forward.

We’ll post information about the event more widely next week, aiming to raise awareness, to attract and get a good count of how many wish to attend, and to get more feedback about the agenda.

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Hello team. Has anybody found sponsors for this event? I am seeking to see who benefits from these meetings and if they may sponsor me attend and cover my travel expenses. Thank you.

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This is an all volunteer event with support from Web3 Foundation on the ground in Berlin.

Some of the people who filled out the Expression of Interest form indicated that there is interest in sponsoring, but it’s unclear that the Magicians can handle funding directly since there is no formal entity.

We’ll discuss it this week.

Hope it’s ok to post it here, but if there is someone non-Europe based hesitant to come over. You can combine the trip and visit Prague two weeks before the Council for UX & adoption unconf:

It’s 1h flight or 4h direct train ride Prague → Berlin
I can help with working space to make sure you stay productive :wink:

Planning to attend, Just taking notes for my team at Golem :slight_smile:

Hey, I am planning to attend the event too. I work on dispute resolution research at ENS, so there may be some interesting overlaps.

Great. I added you to the attendees list above

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Awesome, added you to attendees

@boris Would like to attend as well :slight_smile: Considering the DEVCON4 will be in Prague, I’d like to discuss which side-events should we organize and how can I help with that.

I was trying to kickstart people editing the wiki :slight_smile: Please do add your name above. And, while you’re editing – if there is an EIP you want to do a lightning talk around, add that too!

And yes – talking about what do alongside Devcon in Prague also has to get started! We should have a call about that with @jpitts. I’ll PM you an email and we can go from there – I am in Berlin as of tomorrow night.

HI @boris, @jpitts … I’m available to help coordinate communicate and otherwise gather and aggregate… curious about the call I hear being scheduled through a few channels but nothing firm I’ve seen yet?

Great to have you help out @Danibelle, @boris and I will DM you here with info about getting involved.

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If I’m still in Europe by then, I’ll definitely attend!

Hey - Martin from Gnosis here.
In case you are still looking for a space to host the event we can invite you to
Let me know if that is of interest.

Also - we are organizing - governance will of course be a topic. E.g. Jarrad from Status will further talk about the results of the recent survey. We are still open for further speakers/ topic suggestions.


Thanks Martin @koeppelmann! We have been making arrangements for the space with c-base but will keep it in mind.

I was really excited when I found out that DappCon was planned for July 19. Our organizing teams should make sure that participants in the Council can continue their work through to Dappcon, perhaps via shoulder events.

Perhaps at DappCon we can as a group report on what we accomplished. I expect lot of the work will center in contract-related standards. I will contact you and the organizers with more specifics as I am working with @boris and @Danibelle to firm up the agenda for our event.


I signed up to do a lightning talk, above. I also added a proposed opening topic, “Discussion about Openness.” This would be a discussion to make sure everyone is on the same page about how much of the contents of the event can and should be shared publicly (via notes, livestream, photos, comment attribution, etc.). It should hopefully be a no-brainer that absolutely anything can be shared at absolutely any time without permission :wink:


I’ll just chime in here. I know everyone probably already knows how I feel about this, but I think “absolutely anything can be shared at absolutely any time without permission” should be on the promotional material.

Good point, @tjayrush, we’ll make that sure people can add topics. Also, take note of one of our proposed principles:

Open Process. Any interested person can participate in the work, know what is being decided, and make his or her voice heard on the issue.