COUNCIL OF PARIS: Call For Rings and Participants

Hi everyone, sorry this took a bit long, but i had a very busy January.
The call for rings with already set-up rings is here.

HOWEVER: none of these are set in stone. This Google Form is for you to propose new ones. I have already proposed one for the Cat Herders, I know I would like to be introed to this, and added @Ethernian’s Whisper one. Please feel free to add your suggestions via the form, and we will consider them for the rings. Additionally, I am planning to have a short session at the start for “spontaneous proposals”, as we will receive a lot of people and maybe some don’t check the documents beforehand. This will open the event after an intro, so we can get to know new people, hear ideas, and discuss in or after the council, formally or just sitting in a café, anything works!

The pre-set rings that don’t have participants till February 20th will be deleted to make space for new rings as well.
Preliminary Agenda with rings will be posted on March 2nd, so please mark dates so you don’t miss proposing or giving feedback.

Let me know if you have any questions.


There may be interest to have an Ethereum 2.0 ring.

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After the events this weekend, and several people interested, I added a new ring:

Protocols to preserve the people working on Ethereum’s integrity

After the events unfolded during this past weekend that resulted on a massive outburst of accusations, conspiracy theories, demands, and verbal violence triggered by mob mentality, it is time, as a community, that we take a look at other tech communities and develop our own protocols (in case of abuse of power, harassment), talk about what is tolerable and what we should condemn and in which form, and work on our own procedures to behave as a unified, however decentralized community that has mature protocols and processes to deal with event that might jeopardize people’s integrity, and therefore, Ethereum’s development (eth is developed by humans!)

This session will not be livestreamed. Participation form is here.

Topics of Discussion

  • Power abuse
  • Harassment (various forms)
  • prevention protocols
  • mobbing /cyber bullying
  • Doxxing
  • D&I
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We’ve moved the HackMD document here: