Council of Paris 2019 Announcement

Council of Paris 2019 Announcement

This is an open call for the gathering of the Magicians’ Council of Paris.
Join us on March 4th in Paris, one day before EthCC.

This new gathering coincides with the one-year anniversary from the first gathering which happened during last year’s EthCC.


Registration is now open. The capacity is 200 attendees, so if you are coming, please reserve your spot in time. Early registering also helps us prepare for the event in a more detailed and paced way, please help us achieve a great edition.

As discussed here, there is a 30€ participation charge, covering the cost of each participant’s meals. We have set up the payments in ETH (currently each ticket is manually issued by volunteers after the payment goes through, so please allow some time for us to work :smile:).
In case this price is too high for you, let us know and we will find a way to subsidize your attendance. For subsidies, just fill in your details in registration form and instead of making the transaction, send us an email to: councilofparis2019 (at)


The Council is organized with the invaluable local help from Asseth and @jdetychey, who are managing the venue and catering, while video streaming/recording will be covered, once again, by Fluence team. Shoutout also to Ethereum Community Fund, whose ongoing grant helps us continue sustainably.

We are constantly looking for more sponsors, so if you are interested in helping, fill in your details here or send a PM to @ethernian.


The Magicians council format is something that we have been working on for a long time, and we hope you can familiarize with the open discussion format beforehand. The final schedule is not set, we look forward for your input.
You can do that:

  1. in this forum or
  2. in the registration page.

For any questions, you can PM @mariapaulafn or open a separate topic (as with anything here). An official agenda will be released before the event.


We conduct weekly volunteer calls – if you want to get involved please leave a comment below or PM me and we’ll make sure you get a call invite.
Also, leave a comment below or PM if you have any questions.

Basic details:

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Thank you very much for the information. For anyone that wonders where to find the ETH address to send the money to; it arrives in your email :slight_smile:

Also, I wrote an email to councilofparis2019 (at) about that which you can ignore :slight_smile:


Thanks Adrian - we know that the wording and process of the ticketing system needs work, so feedback is welcome!

Also that email doesn’t seem to be working well, so I need to check that again!

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Hi everyone, the call for rings and a few pre-set ones from Prague to ensure continuity of the work, is here. Please fill out the form if suggesting a ring, or add yourself to the one you want to participate.


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Are there anticipated start/end times yet?

I’m starting to look at flights and wondering if I can arrive to Paris early in the morning and still get to the event near its start time.

Nothing set in stone yet, but you can probably expect it to start at a similar time as Council of Prague agenda: check-in by / agenda starts ~9:30

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For agenda discussions, please head to this topic.

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