Will there be EthMagicians gathering at EthSingapore?

Not sure if we had one yet in Asia, but I will be there and happy to get that going if necessary @boris are you going by any chance?

That would be really cool! I know several people going, I can let them know if you’d like to organize something. Is there a particular area of work you are interested in or think would be appropriate?

@pet3rpan recently mentioned how he’ll use the slides from an intro the Magicians I gave late last month. There is also a detailed presentation about the EIP standards process.

Intro Presentation: https://jpitts.github.io/magicians-intro-presentation/

Yes, this is plain and simple-ish HTML. Very easy to deal with.

Below is the HTML source code, please fork and modify if you want to make changes!

Let me know if you’d like them simplified for the purpose for intro before regional sessions.

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I am not.

FYI - We’ve never had an EthMagicians gathering alongside an EthGlobal event.

Picking a time and place before or after and/or reaching out to the organizers for some space might be interesting. As @jpitts says — going over EIPs process is a good starter, and then unconferencing topics with participants could be good.

Let’s consider this a signaling thread for interest.

I thought you said in Prague you had one at EthBerlin? Maybe I am mistaken :woman_shrugging: Ok will speak to organizers

@Annavladi this was the Council of Berlin, which was held before EthBerlin but not closely coinciding with it.

Hackathons are good times to hold Magicians’ sessions, as the Magicians aim to enable cross-team collaboration and coordination.

Speaking to the organizers is a great idea, often these folks can allocate time & space for education and work sessions.

@jpitts pls connect me to those going. The only one I know is Lane.

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Hey Anna, @noot and I are probably going to be there. Would be great to connect :slight_smile:

share your email please, lets connect:)

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sending you a dm now :slight_smile:

Hey guys we got space for EthMagicians for Monday December 11 at 4pm at Singapore Samsung Hub; please spread the word, its an office bld so we can limit to 30 ppl only; (hope its enough) we will provide registration info soon @jpitts @boris @ChainSafe


Awesome! Thanks for setting it up @Annavladi, looking forward to talking more during the hackathon :slight_smile:

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@boris we tagged EthMagicians in twitter with info for Singapore meet; not sure who manages but a retweet or smth would be great so that ppl
Know it’s happeneing. Thank you.

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Are there subjects which you’d like to cover or focus on, given who is expected to attend? Or a planned presentation? Listing a few of those will help bring in more people who may not have participated in W4B or EthMagicians before; we’ll all try to tweet any proposed topics too.

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Good point @jpitts.
We will add more details about it to bring ppl that have not attended. Github link may not be enough. Thank you.

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Hey, although I’m familiar with eth-magicians (went to the EthCC '18 one), I mostly lurked eth news & programmed, without participating much. Thanks @ChainSafe for the motivating presentation, and although most of the discussions weren’t very technical, I still liked it. I’ll try contribute more where I feel like I can (sharding research in the future maybe, I need to get some more time into my ETHSingapore hackathon prototype first) :slight_smile:

As for the EthSingapore gathering; I know Brendan has taken notes, not sure if he’s on here yet, but I’ll ask on telegram to see if he can share them, and possibly do a write-up.

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thanks for the kind words, it was awesome getting to know you over the hackathon. Excited for the notes to be published so we can continue the conversation :slight_smile: