Creating a new category for "Regional Sessions"

Are there upcoming events which might make good occasions to organize work?

Also, please do provide some feedback about the term “Coven”. There are probably better words. I thought a play on “Conclave” might be funny as an alternative: “Convlex”.

lol good thing its not convent :slight_smile:

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Probably we need a simpler name than any of these that gets to the bottom of it :smile:

Ok setting it to Regional Sessions for now, sometimes I get carried away.

Proposed “About Regional Sessions”:

  • All it takes is for someone to take responsibility and start organizing it!
  • The Ethereum Magicians name can be used w/o permission
  • Please introduce the Magicians to the group and let them know they are Magicians too. This presentation can help, it is HTML hosted on GitHub.
  • Please announce it to the Forum.
  • Sponsors can be lined up and the event can be supported in any way. It is up to the organizer.
  • Some things which may happen:
    – Education sessions
    – Lightning talks
    – EIPs moved forward
    – Work to help Rings operate

Anything else we might add?