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Thursday September 6, 2018

NOTE: Day before ETH Berlin


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Host: @mariapaulafn (Golem/ organizing ETHBerlin )
Facilitators: @fubuloubu @RexShinka @rpavlovs @captnseagraves (SecurEth Foundation)

Schedule and Format


At capacity for event: 110 attendees

Further Discussion


I know the guys at Chainshot would be very keen to attend here, please consider them. E-mail is

IMO the first option of the UnConference sounds better but both options can be good.

@jpitts Can we create polls?

Yes that’s possible by clicking on options in the toolbar and then build poll.

  • Unconference
  • Focused Unconference
  • Other

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These options don’t match the OC. Maybe it’s been edited?

I’m in favor of more discussion, fewer talks.
Talks which share experiences and learning, which then encourage follow up conversation are probably best.

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How do we best facilitate that?

I was thinking about having talks planned like you stated, but maybe another idea would be to do a more dynamic mapping process EIP0-style of figuring out all the angles of what an audit should be and what is in scope vs. out of scope of an audit? Just have a really good philosophical discussion about it, at least for part of the time.


Yeah I think it was edited but I can’t edit the poll…

I’m 100% going as well. :smiley: as I’m sure are other people from Diligence. Happy to help with logistics and content.


Awesome! Can you edit the wiki above to add your attendance?

Someone was having problems yesterday. We may need a better mechanism for the RSVP list

I would love to participate in this event. Is it ok to simply invite myself by adding me to the list in the wiki?

It seems new users can’t edit the wiki post.

I’ll be in attendance as will several of my coworkers: Ryan Stortz (Trail of Bits)

Your name has been added. Looking forward to it.

Your name has been added. Great to have you guys. Can you give me the names of the other attendees?

Jay Little (Trail of Bits)
Sophia d’Antoine (Trail of Bits)
Evan Sultanik (Trail of Bits)
Felipe Manzano (Trail of Bits)
Gustavo Grieco (Trail of Bits)
Josselin Feist (Trail of Bits)
JP Smith (Trail of Bits)
Ben Perez (Trail of Bits)

Gangs all there. Excellent. It will be a hoot. Did you check out yet? Comments welcome

Please add me to the attendee list:
Patrick MacKay (Runtime Verification, Inc.)

Please add further discussion on the agenda of this gathering to the following thread in the SecurEth discourse:

Patrick you are in!. Check out the discourse for topics and agenda.