Wiki: Gathering of Security Community


Aviv Eyal (Spacemesh)


Please add the following people to the list of attendees:

Paul Hauner (Sigma Prime)
Mehdi Zerouali (Sigma Prime)

We’re very excited about this gathering, looking forward to it!


Please add me Joseph C


I am in! Please add me to the list.

Ether Blue.


I am in. Please add me Gerhard Wagner (C-Dili)


Please add me to the list as well: Bernhard Mueller


I am in. Please add me: Suhabe Bugrara (ConsenSys Diligence)



Hey guys! I’m also in :slight_smile: Alexandre Obadia (Cambrial)



Thanks guys for your signaling your attendance so far. At this point, we are nearing the capacity for the venue, so we have to temporarily waitlist anyone else on this posting who wants to attend.

We will send a better signup form in the very near future (hopefully beginning of next week) if we have some spare capacity. Those who have already replied above this comment, you are on our list. Anyone who replies below this comment will have to wait to confirm attendance.

Thank you for your patience.


Hey guys,
I’d like to have the first spot on the waiting list.

Erik de Graaf (targens)


count me in too! Hasan Özdemir (LedgerZ)


We’d love to come if there ends up being a spot available:
Brian Weickmann (Set Protocol)
Felix Feng (Set Protocol)


I’d like to participate. Nagu Thogiti (Programfy).


I’d be interested in participating
Lorenz Breidenbach (ETH Zürich, IC3)


Please put me on the wait list. @Ethernian

I would like to propose to create “Security Audit Protocols” - some kind of open and formalized best practices like medical protocols. Any security audit may claim to comply with one or more “Security Audit Protocols”.
It will makes trasparent for the customer what does “Security Audit” actually means.

Creating of such “Security Audit Protocol” should be desired outcome of the Gathering.

regards, @ethernian


We’re going to have a workshop on Development Guidelines, which includes some standardization of the security assessment process (we’re avoiding the term audit as it lacks proper controls). Should be a great discussion!

Hopefully figure out some point today how many spots are left. I think everyone above this list has a decent chance of being included, depending on pending RSVPs. Will let you know!


Hi Etherian, this is Rex, we connected on AvEx. I am working with Bryant on the guidelines and organization for the unconf. Would be good to meet in person.


would like to attend incase there are any spots remaining . cheers


I’ll be there. Niran Babalola (ConsenSys Diligence)


If possible, please add us as well:

E.G. Galano (Infura)
Daniela Osorio (Infura)