Wallet relevant sessions at 35c3

Hey - hope to see some members of the wallet ring at 35c3! Here some sessions that might be interesting to wallet devs:

Lecture: wallet.fail

Hacking the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets


Lecture: Wallet Security

How (not) to protect private keys


Lecture: A Blockchain Picture Book

Blockchain origins and related buzzwords, described in pictures.


Session: Ethereum Magicians gathering



One more interesting session (yes keys on smart-cards will be a thing in 2019 - https://github.com/status-im/status-keycard):


cc @bitgamma

Thanks for that, all the talk are viewable and downloadable here https://media.ccc.de/b/congress/2018

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I have an idea about using iterated hashing to mitigate password-protected wallet owners’ vulnerability to coercion:

Time-Lock ASICs for Password-protected Wallets: https://github.com/esaulpaugh/scratchpaper/blob/master/Crypto-Time-Lock

Instead of memorizing your wallet password, memorize your wallet password’s seed and hash it repeatedly to generate the wallet password. Seed (i.e. master password) “Jeb!2064” might produce derived password “bdrvpUu8N8xN3s7xi22jM” after 80 billion iterations.

By the time the attacker knows you’ve given him a fake (master) password, many hours or days will have elapsed, making attacks expensive/risky.