The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread

Hi, I’m Matthew Light.

My background is software development and architecture as well as crypto trading and finance.

I have been involved in Ethereum since 2016. I wrote EIP-186 which the community approved and which was added to EIP-649 and went live with Byzantium in 2017.

I have been heavily involved with other issuance and monetary policy EIPs which were adopted by Ethereum.

I have a current focus on Ethereum’s credible neutrality and fostering the development of credibly neutral Ethereum infrastructure extensions such as L2s, bridges, staking infrastructure, MEV, and restaking. I believe that community stewardship and ownership of these aspects of the broader Ethereum platform is critically important to avoid capture of the protocol by private interests.

I am also interested in fostering an improvement of Ethereum community norms away from value extractive activity (PvP) towards growing the ecosystem’s potential and opportunity (PvE).

I also have a particular interest in the Ethereum staking situation. I pushed hard before the beacon chain went live to “bend the curve” to discourage excess staking based on the experience of other proof-of-stake platforms.

In my view, we already have far too much staking (15% would be pretty optimal) and staking / liquid staking / restaking at current levels (31%) growing towards 50-85% staked as we see in other proof-of-stake platforms carries heavy risks to the entire platform and to the the projects built on it.

I would like to collaborate with the community to put a hard stop to the growth of staking and even look at ways to gradually reduce it over time to a limit of ~20% of total ETH.

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Hey, you can call me “Anak.”
I currently located in Thailand.
I did computer science for my undergraduate degree and AI for my master degree.

Now, I am urrently working as a quant developer at Yuanta Security. My department responsible for 200M dollars AUM.
My goal is to be an expert in Asian market specialized in Thai market.

Thai market has been underperrforming due to political instability and a decade steady rise of Vietname lessen Thai market share of its southeast Asia market.
For this reason, Thai investors demands for global asset allocation is at all of time. In response, I am taking initiative to become an expert in Crypto space specialised in Ethereum ecosystem and, to my best ability, using knowledge to inform Thai investors of investment opportunities in the Crypto space.


Hello, everyone, This is Benbaley here.
I am a blockchain developer and have been working in this field for 8 years now.
I’m interested in cryptography innovations and applications on blockchain, and I’m happy to talk to you all here

Hello everyone,

I’m Ivica Aračić, the CTO of SWIAT. SWIAT’s mission is to provide everything needed in tech, business, and legal to enable the financial industry to scale digital asset use cases. We’re heavily invested in building on Ethereum, and I’ve been passionate about Ethereum since 2016. Looking forward to engaging with this community and sharing insights on our journey and innovations.

You can also get in touch with me at Twitter/X (@IvicaAracic), LinkedIn (ivicaa), and Ethereum Stack Exchange (ivicaa)