The BIG 'introduce yourself' thread

Hello Familiy! Im Philip from Sweden, I started working, developing and investing in ethereum back in 2014-2015 (I missed the btc train) So ive been in the game from the start, I have lots of contracts with companies(now a days, was projects back then) with like, binance(BUSD); cryptopunks, EOS, DAO (the original) and many many more.

I have written and helped eth from the start but also projects like bitshares (wrote the whitepapers to make it more decentralized after 2014) and worked with them and the steem creators, its been a wild journey.

Today I work with GitLabs and also have my own organization called Cryptocurrencies Sweden (still beta)

We are developing a decentralized internet called Unigrid today. But im here to connect back to my old community, my first wallet was the old MEW wallet, before it was MEW for those who remember, it was still a beta back then but are not MEW and Jaxx.

If someone who is good with old smart contracts and how to work with them trough proxy can reach out to us/me and get rewarded for helping us to upgrade these contracts either trough proxies or something.

I tried it myself, with a proxy to gnosis vault and by mistake transfers 8 million. So will not like that to happen again.

I used to be very anonymous but now a days thats a gone, so im here and please reach our for business or just talk old memories.

Over and out / Philip Jonsén

Hello world. I’m DC / Dan Clemens.

My background is in startups, where I helped build two businesses as an engineer and CTO.

Today, I’m interested in Ethereum. I’ve been fascinated by blockchain ideas since reading the Satoshi paper a decade ago, and I think now is a particularly exciting time. Over the past year, I’ve been running a validator node at home.

Despite the bites, I welcome the bear. Overnight, it feels like the space became quieter and more discerning. It’s time to build.

Here’s my Eth learning project:

I also love old growth forests. I’ve been intentionally spending more time offline this year, backpacking in the redwoods.

I’m on Farcaster and Twitter:

Blockchain seems to be the current foundation of Web 3.0… By way of introduction, I am someone that just created an alternative to Blockchain.

From blocks to spheres… blockchain to atomsphere…

The Atomchain!

Hello fellow Ethereum enthusiasts! :wave:

My name is Thomas. I’m a former professional poker player. But I switched my entire focus to computer science and software engineering a couple of years ago. Whereas Crypto and blockchain have been my passion for even longer.
Currently, I’m focusing on scaling solutions - especially ZK-STARKs. These days, I’m writing a thesis about the influence of ZK-STARKs on smart contract engineering. I’m also having a startup project with a friend on StarkNet.

Nonetheless, I highly appreciate the power of a decent L1 solution. And no L1 is better than good old Ethereum, right? I’m happy to participate in discussions. By that I hope to provide some value to the community.

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I am George (official internet user handle: gmako6). I am a computer science student focusing on smart contracts and blockchain development. I am good in react js, web3, and react native. I would like to have the best Mentors in smart contract development Ihave a plan to initiate a stat]rtup to level up my fellow africans to blockchain technology.

Twitter handle:

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I’ve been investing/studying cryptocurrencies for a long time.
Now I’m delving into the technical part of blockchain. I am trying to understand exactly the infrastructure of several blockchains (eth, matic, bnb chain).
I am also interested in topics like:

  1. Decentralised storage, authentication, the problem of storing user wallet keys and so on
  2. Zk evm
  3. Operation of evm (eth org I’m already reading, getting into it)

Hey all, Brent Fitzgerald here. I’ve been actively developing in the Ethereum space for a bit over a year, mostly in projects related to DeFi and novel uses of NFTs. I have a long history in traditional fintech / payments stuff, with focuses on mobile payments and developer tooling. And along the way I’ve played a lot with computational art and building weird UIs. I live in Oakland, USA, where I enjoy riding bicycles, tromping around on trails, and helping kids with math. I’ve been psyched lurking in this forum for a few weeks seeing the smart and creative energy. Looking forward to learning, helping, and contributing where I can.

Hello Magicians. My name is Aleksi Honkakari. I am Artist, validator, delegator at least. Main core are combined as build physical Art - Artists and DAO.

Currently working on Art project, inkDrawing&openAi

thx and pleasure to meet everyone!


Hey everybody!
I’m Emi and I’m getting to know more about crypto everyday. I invest in BTC and ETH but recently have been discovering new alt coins and reviewing them thoroughly. My faves are SOL and WEI (a new very promising project), but I’d like to know more. Maybe we could discuss some of ETH forks? Pleasure to be here :slight_smile:

@sirius here!

I am currently about to complete 5 months since I discovered web3, they have been ups and downs everywhere, and the path without a guide is more complicated.

I have been part of the team since the first days of May this year, and have been sailing since 2006…

I have some developed projects, some that are still in process and many more complete…

I usually don’t visit the blog for a long time, but when I’m here I try to read or be active as much as possible.

Feel free to send me a direct message and tell me about any interest of yours or blockchain… or any topic that you like!


Hi all,

I am 5660.eth from China. I used to be a soldier, studying military science, engineering and finance. Previously worked as a researcher in traditional finance, and also worked as a researcher in CEX. My English is not good, and sometimes I even have to use Google Translate to communicate with everyone, haha. I don’t know how to program(learning), but I really like the atmosphere here, everyone seems to be doing some amazing things, and I will try my best to communicate with everyone.

about me =>

hi :wave: i’m cybertelx.eth and i’m a 13 year old dev interested in ZK cryptography, defi, DAOs, blockchain scaling and smart contract wallets


I’m Zak who start to learn ETH from now on. let’s enjoy it together:)

Hey Crypto Bro’s!

I am a newbie to this forum. I would like to take this as opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is Adam and I am Crypto Enthusiast. I have 3 years of experience in blockchain & crypto as a market analyst. Joined recently one organization as a Research Analyst and my scope of work lies in predicting the crypto prices, noting the price movements and crypto market news.

Happy to connect and learn from you all.


Hello everyone!
My name is Ko Fujimura. Before the blockchain era, I created a platform for circulating tickets and vouchers on the internet and wrote IETF RFC3506, 4153, and 4154. Currently, I am focusing on developing the token circulating system that issues, transfers, presents, or consumes a token only if the control tokens are owned by the participants of the transaction. The control token themselves can be any type of token and recursively circulated in the token circulating system. See this paper for more details.

Hello magicians!

My name is Joonas and im from Finland🇫🇮
Im musician, VJ, Videographer/editor, graphic designer. I got audiovisual communication education and now learning to coding. First time i was into crypto ~2011 but it ~2019 i joined DeFi world and want to contribute world decentralizion. Im open minded and want to share my creativity skills.

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie here.
My name is Jimmy and I am a web3 entrepreneur.
I have 3 years of experience in blockchain & crypto as a entrepreneur.

I’m currently the co-founder of UBIQnet, which is a DePIN(Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) project aims to adaptively schedule computing resources among cloud, network, and edge according to business demands.

My honor to connect and learn from you all.
Thank you!

Hello There!

I am a strong introvert, so it’s a big step for me saying this hello :smiley:
I’ve been programming Solidity and doing research on smart contracts for over 3 years now
I love the open-mindedness of the web3 community and I would be glad to criticize ideas here
Also I would like to start my journey in writing an EIP myself, so I am happy to receive criticism as well

Cheers everyone!

Hey magicians,

I’m alvin! I’m a software engineer in a web2 company now. I would like to join the web3 community, and contribute to the web3 community to build something really meaningful to the world!

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Hello everyone,

I’m Gabriel, and I’m a blockchain engineer for a company. I’m here to propose an ERC for notifications during the following days.

Thank you!