Should we be calling it the "Berlin Council"

I want to say this as politely as I possibly can, so please take it that way…

I’ve seen in various places that people use words such as “the planned Berlin Council”. This sounds to my ears remarkably like something a government official would not only say, but attend.

Decentralized networks admit inclusion of anyone who runs a node. All of us should reflect that profoundly important idea in how we communicate and act. “Planned Berlin Councils” sound non-inclusive.

If I were planning the “Planned Berlin Council” it would be in a park, a soccer stadium, or a field and it would allow an unlimited number of people to attend.

As I say, I want to be as polite as I can be, but given the recent article about the “Secret Meeting” at EdCon, I think that if we’re in a new world order, we should start thinking (and importantly speaking) in a new world way.

I will recede, now, back into quietude.


Question: does the lack of clarity about the time and place for the Berlin Council make it seem non-inclusive?

We have been calling our gatherings “Councils”, and we have had one in Paris and are planning on in Berlin. The EIP0 Summit was not a Council, rather a more general gathering of those in the community interested in governance.

All are welcome to come to Berlin, but those helping with planning the next Council still need to finalize on the details and be more specific before people starting arriving, looking for a Schelling point :smile:

If anyone here wants to help organize, ping me and we’ll see how you can help out. We have no officers or leaders yet and are functioning more as a collective with only a proposed process.

There is no cabal with secret handshakes. One of the proposed core principles of the Magicians is openness, and we’re taking that seriously.

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I’m in Berlin this summer for two months and want to volunteer to help.

Ah, great to hear it @boris!

Let’s get more organized on this. The Web3 Foundation has offered to plan the logistics around hosting the event. It is up to us to map out the structure of the gathering (or at least a general idea of what will happen), who would like to attend, and who else would like to help out.

Berlin Council planning wiki + feedback

And now for which of these icons in my Dock we should choose to chat in…

I hope you didn’t take me the wrong way–I don’t think there is any sort of cabal or secretness going on. In fact, I think totally the opposite.

I’m just talking about the actual words and how they might be taken advantage of be people who wish the group ill will. “Berlin Council” sounds wrong to me. I’m not trying to imply anything at all about the process. Just trying to remind us all to think about how easy it is for people to misconstrue things.

Here’s a list of synonyms for ‘all inclusive’:

Some ideas “Berlin Open Council”, “Berlin Un-council”, “The Berlin Inclusion”

I love “The Berlin Inclusion” – and the meetings broadly are called Inclusions :slight_smile:

I already want to buy the t-shirt and stickers.


Hello, I’ve been led to this gathering by a series of crumbs left by my friend Griff Green who suggested I would be useful in the planning and organization… I’ve scanned links shared on the planning wiki and Gitter… looks so good, so far… I’m happy to help carry it on!

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We will reach out to you shortly @Danibelle!