Berlin Council planning wiki + feedback

Summary: This gathering will be a Council and it will occur over several days in Berlin in July, 2018. A consensus on the general time and place was reached at the March 2018 Paris Council.

The Web3 Foundation will organize the logistics, the rest is up to us. The exact date and location are currently being determined.

When: July 14th - 15th
Where: Berlin, Germany, at c-base

Dinner on July 13th
Side events July 16th

Agenda & Attendees:

  • Agenda Wiki page – please add your name and optional a proposed lightning talk

General resources to start with

How to run a working group event by @boris


This wiki:

Gitter room:


The Working Group HOW TO was for smaller events.

So, my first question is, how do Council / Inclusion events differ? Who is the target audience?

Definitely, but helpful!

Councils are where technical and internal governance decisions are deliberated upon, and occur 3-4 times per year. While it is referred to as a Council, the event would involve multiple meetings: larger meetings for big decisions, smaller meetings for the deliberations of the Working Groups, etc.

The current proposal is to have:

“Triannual meetings, two coordinated with Devcon and EthCC and one in July.”

Perhaps consensus would be reached on a proposal in a particular meeting, but in order to include those who cannot attend the Council, the decision would only be formally arrived at later on in a conference call.

Other Magician-related events are ad-hoc but of course critical to the work:

“Meetups, discussions, presentations, workshops, hackathons, and other relevant activities. These can organized by participants on an ad-hoc basis or with the sponsorship of the Fellowship.”

This is from the “in-person practices” in the Fellowship proposal.

Ah, OK, thank you for that.

Should the Fellowship proposal information actually make it’s way here, to a locked page? Just to keep everything in one place / one platform?

And reading over that, everyone is welcome, with just the description of “Technical Competence” and Running Code as a filter. So … these are assumed to all be technical decisions.

I might just remove the “Technical” part and call it “Competence”. Hard!

So if I were to add a “Who Should Attend” section to the wiki, it would be something like:

  • technical experts who can code
  • people who care about how Ethereum evolves
  • ???

Also I don’t totally understand what the Web3 Foundation means by logistics – so they are going to do venue, registration, catering, etc. etc.?

If I were attending, I would want to contribute to costs as needed.

Are we looking for sponsors?

Currently all proposals are being filed here: The EIP editors work with the author and run it through the workflow defined in EIP-1.

Before the Magicians’ proposal, the discussion would occur in the issues comments, on reddit, and in the All Core Devs calls. We felt as if better technical discussions would occur in a threaded format, either in email or a forum like what we have set up here.

Initially this is securing the venue, I expect they will help with the catering. Registration might be something that we can coordinate among the Magicians.

We could sell tickets, however the likely venue may wish it to be fee of charge (i.e. they wouldn’t want this to be a for-profit or corporate event).

We should definitely find some, I think it that it would be OK with the venue but will confirm.

Aya from the Ethereum Foundation expressed interest in sponsoring at the last Council (which she attended), and we can ask others as well.

Sorry — I meant the code that you linked to in the Google Doc. The Magicians code.

Not a for-profit event - ticket revenue would go towards covering costs with eg food, live streaming, etc. It is my belief that setting an expectation of everyone pitching in will make events sustainable. Also allows the events to scale.

The biggest cost for an individual is likely to be travel & accommodation in any case.

The sooner we can get a survey up to see who might want to attend, the sooner we can start looking at venue sizing & catering. Google Survey? I can get this done if desired.

Ok, that makes sense. Perhaps we ask everyone to donate 0.1 or 0.25 ETH.

Good idea on the survey / form to commit to going, would you use Google Sheets to back it?

I’m thinking that this wiki here is for the planners to easily map things out and get feedback. I have created a public Gitter room for questions in real-time:

We can use the corresponding GitHub repo to generate a basic website so people who are planning on attending can have a single resource to start from.

Please let us know here on or in the gitter channel if you’d like to help out or have questions or concerns.

@jpitts I am sure Status wouldn’t mind putting up a bounty to get that website designed and built.

We got both and set up in a similar way. Lmk.

Thanks, @andytudhope!

We may actually want a web app which enables others to participate more easily in the Council deliberations in real-time. There are many solutions out there but perhaps something simple that fits our needs could be assembled.

Cool. Like I say, it would be more than easy to set up a repo for this purpose, put a rough spec there about what we need and want and then attach a bounty to it for whomever to implement. You can see the process we went through for here: