Ring Maker Toolkit: making meaningful gatherings

Dear ring leaders,
one of the things left for all of us to discuss is how to prepare and facilitate your ring gatherings for them to be as productive and impactful as possible.

The questions we ask ourselves are:

  • What do we want to achieve with our ring gatherins?
  • How do we achieve this?
  • What are expected outputs of our ring gathering?
  • How do we ensure those who are not present also get the outcomes?
  • How do we make our ring gatherings as efficient as possible?

We have started a draft document with key definitions and examples we can use: https://hackmd.io/s/SkamYQ85X

You are invited to contribute with your suggestions to the document and to discuss this on the call this week:
Tuesday 23.10.2018. 16:30 CEST (hangouts link)

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As agreed on the last call, I have created draft documents of session outlines for facilitators to fill out. The reason why we do this is because these are working groups and should produce some concrete outputs and achieve some outcomes. It’s not just knowledge sharing. However you planned to achieve this, it would be appreciated if you described in this format.

  1. Education
  2. Wallet
  3. Signaling
  4. Fund Recovery
  5. Meta Magician
  6. Security
  7. Token
  8. Business Model
  9. Subscriptions
  10. Oracle
  11. Data
  12. Trust & Reputation
  13. EIPs & Interoperability
  14. Architects

This is great, thanks for putting these together!

Nop probs, just let me know if you need help!
I am coming to Prague today so I can even meet anyone who wants me to help them do it right.

Hi all, @apitkevich made some great work with Architects Ring session outline, you can check it out for inspiration.
I am pasting here what I told them about Outputs:

For outputs, I would suggest you prepare the format in advance. This way it will be easier for participants to understand what they need to produce. It’s much easier filling in the existing format than coming up with the format and then filling it up, all during the workshop.
It seems HackMD or google docs are standard so you can use these, when you create the template, you can just add the link to the list of session outputs.

Thanks so much for this @tomislavmamic - I’m going to write up a general attendance feedback form in the next day or so that we can send out to all attendees afterwards. I’ll look over what you’ve crafted here as well and see if I can contribute any thoughts :slight_smile:

We are here at Status venue if you are around and want to have an idea jam session-- looks like we’ll be having an informal planning meeting sometime tomorrow, will post the specific time when we determine it.

Ring preparation guidelines. We will host a session to guide people through the ring making process https://hackmd.io/s/SksgelMn7