When is the next Ethereum Magicians IRL gathering?

When is the next Fellowship gathering after DEVCON?
Is there any rough idea of when EDCON 2020 is happening?
Will there be a gathering in Berlin again this year?
Are these all stupid questions which have already been answered somewhere?
Is the an Ethereum Magicians Gatherings Roadmap page?


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@anett did an update, looks like she and @jpitts are planning ETHCC.

Most of the rest of your questions are answered by - whenever some group of people volunteer to organize :wink:

Berlin isn’t really a set location for anything, just convenient for lots of people.

No roadmap page as no events have been planned far enough ahead. Feel free to start a 2020 wiki!

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PS. I am thinking that it might make sense to have an ETC working group within Magicians.

Here is my “What’s Happening With Ethereum Classic?” talk from DEVCON5:

I think that lots of people in the Ethereum community will be pleasantly surprised to find that ETC is very rapidly becoming a viable alternative to ETH1. We added Byzantium opcodes in September and our next HF in January will get us up to Constantinople, and we will likely hit “protocol parity” by next April.

And we have funding … in the form of ETC Labs … but also a little from ETC Labs, where I am now Executive Director.

For example:

Hyperledger Besu can sync the ETC mainnet as of yesterday, and the changes should be upstreamed within the next week or so:

EthCC is indeed the next push, as it is far away enough for us to first better organize Operations.

WGs (or Rings) for various EVM-compatible blockchains would be welcome, particularly for ETC!

One thing I will say is that the term “Ethereum Magicians” is open, no restrictions of its use, and all are free to put together a Magicians-style gathering alongside any event.

@anett and I (mainly, but @timbeiko has helped a lot) have been mapping out how the Operations Ring will support FEM gatherings and community organizing over the next year. A lot of the focus in the near future should move toward funding and communications. We learned a lot holding the boat together for the last couple of gatherings, now we need to make this sustainable.

It would be a very positive development if a certain kind of Ring were to form around nearby systems in the wider Ethereum family, supporting the seeding of our principles toward governing technology in those realms.


In the next couple of weeks (and months) I will try to create some kind of research or doc or something for events that will happen next year. Then we can figure out how to fit Magicians gatherings on this map.

There’s a guide for Ethereum Magicians gatherings created by @tomislavmamic. I think that I saw another one by @boris but couldn’t find it (sorry Boris).

In other words - I’m happy to help you @bobsummerwill organise Magicians gathering, feel free to reach out to me in this case (via Telegram or Twitter DM).

Towards ETC, I think that you can create a ring (working group) on a forum :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @anett and @jpitts,

So yeah - I guess it is on me to create an ETC ring as my next step. Let me stick that on my JIRA!

I will be speaking at EthCC[3] - doing a “two years later” update on my opening “Call for An End to Tribalism” keynote at EthCC in March 2018:

And Alison and cryptobaby should be coming too. It is our two-year anniversary:

Love and hugs, Bob

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