Registration Open, Timing Confirmation, Venue Sponsorship by Status

OK! So registration is now really open that we’ve confirmed a few more details. Go register then come back. I’ll wait.

The Council will convene for a full day on October 29th, with Status as our Venue Sponsor.

Status is holding their hackathon October 26th to Oct 28th, and have extended their venue booking so we can have the space for a full day of Council business. We’ll have the 28th as an overlap day of awesomeness. Plus EIPs & Interoperability sessions for the whole hackathon!

Full details in the announcement on the event page.

We’re still aiming for a max of 150 people right now. With current registration, we’ll likely hit that soon. The venue does have more room, but social scaling and food costs may be an issue.

Yes, we are still looking for sponsors, although we have the bulk of the base costs covered thanks to the ECF, Status, and ChronoLogic.

And join in the volunteer call this Wednesday (tomorrow).

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Very nice! Especially like the idea of the Interoperability sessions!!

Yeah, seems like a good fit! Feels like we need more time to actually sit and program together.

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Yes - most definitely! Really like the idea of combining a hackathon and a magician style gathering. We should also at some point try it the other way around - first the gathering -> then the hackathon. So we can directly hack some ideas into code that came up in the sessions. But also this direction might be nice so we can have sessions about topics that came up at the hackathon. Great combination!