ECF sustaining sponsorship, call for volunteers

I’m super pleased to share that the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF) has agree to become a Sustaining Sponsor for the next three Council events, starting with Prague.

I posted a sharing friendly update on the Council of Prague landing page here with the full details:

Call for Volunteers

I also want to officially have a call for volunteers. Thanks to @tjayrush who forced me to do a write up of what was going to be needed.

Sponsor Outreach

Develop a write up on why / how sponsors can sponsor, make a list of all the organizations, and email / follow up to see who wants to sponsor

Agenda Gardener

Someone to wrangle the agenda ahead of time; probably also outreach to get other people in gear and organized, such as ring makers.

We think we’re going to have one full day and up to 3 separate spaces. How do we run both an unconference track as well as help ring makers get chunks of time to dig into specific EIPs or topics.

Volunteer lead

Organize people who will volunteer over a couple of days on the ground; there is lots more to do here as well, such as helping people get setup with forum accounts, using HackMD for real time note taking, interviewing people in person about what they care about / what EIPs are great, and so on

Marketing / communication

Outreach to people who should attend, messaging on Twitter, active recruiting of core Ethereum people and adjacent projects and allies

I (@boris) couldn’t help but stay involved organizing, so I’m sticking my hand up to help run budgets, ticketing & registration, and the operations bits of sponsorship.

If you’re interested in getting involved and helping out in any way, including if you’re a ring maker and want to get some feedback on how to plan, please join the first call (and leave questions / comments below if you’re attending / what you might want to help with).

When: Sept 5th, 8AM - 9AM PST (might go a little longer)
Where: Google Meet

Stay tuned for more news and official opening of registration this week.


Excellent work on landing this sponsorship with the ECF @boris! I know that you put in a lot of effort to see it through.

It will be wonderful to have an ongoing relationship with the ECF, and our part of the wider community will make excellent use of the funds.

I’ll see you and anyone else interested in attending the conference call on Sept. 5.

I will try to join from the security ring!

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Awesome work @boris! I’ll be on the call and def want to support for the Prague meetup

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Sounds good, talk soon

hey everyone!

I am completely new to the fellowship of ethereum magicians and have only followed from the sidelines so far, but I would love to finally get involved and help.

I am curious to learn more on how you want to approach sponsorships. I feel “donations” would be more appropriate, as companies should ideally not use this as a platform to promote themselves but rather see it as a donation for the greater good of ethereum. But I’m sure this was considered already.

Currently I’m part of the ethberlin core organizing team and would love to use my experience from there to help organize the fellowship gathering in prague.

I will join the call, if that’s okay!

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Love to have you.

There is probably video of me sharing my view on this. We do honor and support sponsors. They are acknowledged for the thing they are sponsoring.

My approach so far has been being very transparent around costs and having sponsors cover a cost directly.

Totally agree this is has to be handled carefully.

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I’m in.
I can help with organization, any English copy that’s needed and of course… UX & Market/User research ( don’t know enough to know how that might fit in - Ring Maker? whatever that is? :slight_smile: ).

Hey All! Excited to be on the call, I can help with whatever necessary, organizing different peoples schedules to fit an agenda would be fun. But anything I can do to help small or large what be great! Thanks for making this happen.

Sorry - I forgot about father-in-laws 71 birthday. Had to be out of town.

Anything important discussed / decided on the call? Is there another one coming?

The call is Sept 5th — this Wednesday.

Oh. For some reason I had yesterday in my head.
Don’t I feel stupid :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to a HackMD page for note taking during the call – starts in 1.5 hours.