How the Ethereum community could begin making meaningful signaling-based decisions

The issue is that it is incredibly difficult to coordinate large, diverse groups in order to produce compelling signals. In the absence of clear aggregate signals only the most prestigious voices or the voices which are able to most effectively astro-turf social media are heard.

Regardless of an organization’s formal governance process, improving the ability of the organization’s stakeholders to produce clear signals will improve governance outcomes.


Great article and very important topic.

Acknowledging your subgroup I think is very important to interpreting your signal. I like the idea of organizing by opt-in subgroups for voting purposes.

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This is I guess a bit old now, but I’ll weigh in anyway.

Signaling by coinvote is one of the worst ideas being promulgated in the space. Not only are token holdings an incredibly poor proxy for the expertise of the voter, but the very fact of conducting an open vote with a running tally to provide a signal biases the outcome.

It’s very much harder to harness the wisdom of crowds than the madness of crowds, and we risk prejudicing outcomes, and optimising for multifarious cognitive biases by taking such naive approaches.

I would instead advocate for a system with forced anonymity, where influence is distributed from some finite rate of reputation issuance, and allocated to those with the most meritorious proposals/arguments (with influence over that allocation of that reputation, being proportional to reputation). Critically, it would be important to hide the reputation of the poster, in order to allow such proposals to be considered on their merits, rather than their provenance.

@Jackdurose , thank you for picking the topic once again.

There should be a way to sharp own focus by filtering out undesired posts. Otherwise we ends up in spam.
Do you know any other metric to build a personalized filter on?

How the Ethereum community … making … decision.

I am strong against to let community make any decisions. Community is not and have no governance body.
Anybody makes own decisions based on signalled decisions of others.
For example a core developer makes OWN decisions to implement/drop some EIP, based on signals from community.