Funding and ETH1x

I sort of let myself get dragged into some Twitter threads today, and we’re just covering ground that I feel like I’ve already talked about many times.

I updated my Funding Experiments page on the EthWiki. It is editable by anyone, but it right now mainly is just me / my point of view. Meaning: please do edit / annotate / add links & resources etc – and we can use this thread more for discussion.

I think the Ethereum Stack is still the best, most adopted, most shipping blockchain stack there is. And I wish the ecosystem could improve more and more quickly. This mainly requires an investment of dedicated people time, and to get those dedicated people they’re going to have to get funded to work on various aspects full time. Or not, and things will improve more slowly or not at all.


I posted this here precisely to not have to re-answer the same questions multiple times on Twitter.

Hi. This currently redirects to Home | which I am not sure if the original was this one Ethereum Foundation & community grant programs | ?