5Whys twitter brainstorming about CoreDev funding

I have started a 5Whys twitter brainstorming .

RT: for the Why question one level deeper towards the root cause.
RE: for one more answer to specific Why.

The idea of using the twitter as a medium was to leverage its RE/RT functionality as the way create a Q/A tree going deep in two dimensions Why1->Why2->Why3->… and WhyX->[A1,A2,A3,…] instead of single thread here.

Here I would collect results of this branstorming and suggest a place for long discussions.

It is just an experiment and I am curious if it will work.
This thread was extracted from Funding and ETH1x started by @boris to keep his thread clear.

# EthCore5Whys and # Why1 , # Why2 … tags for easier evaluation.

reposted from Funding and ETH1x

This is not the goal that anyone follows the whole discussion tree.
It is sufficient of to create the tree of questions and answers.

We can collect all Q&A posts from specific level just by searching tags
#Why1, #Why2#Why5.