Forming a Ring: Wallet Developers


Hi @ligi,
I’m Mikhail Dobrokhvalov, developer of and Quid Wallet.. I’d like to participate as well. My github username - Dobrokhvalov.
Thank you!


Yay - welcome Mikhail - just added you


:slight_smile: as discussed at Dappcon, I would be glad to take part in this ring, it could be interesting for Parity Signer and Parity Fether. @Tbaut is my GitHub handle. Thanks for the initiative.


@Tbaut welcome! Nice to speak to you at dappcon - just added you to the wiki.


How many of you are coming to ETHBerlin? Could be a nice opportunity to make a small wallet ring gathering …-)


Greetings, all - just added myself to the wiki for Looking forward to the dialog!


Hello, Julien from Argent here. I would love to be involved in the wallet ring.


@yarrumretep welcome - signed up for the beta of you wallet already when reading about it in the walletconnect forum.
@juniset great! - do you have a link to your github profile and a link to the project?


@ligi Thanks! We have been on stealth mode for a year and are just gradually opening our repositories and media channel. github:, Twitter: @argenthq, web:


@juniset - great - just added you.