Forming a Ring: Wallet Developers

Great! - added it here:
and created a separate page for it here:
Feel free to add things!

On behalf of MyCrypto we’re on board with anything and everything about this wallet developer ring. Please feel free to include us in everything related!

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MetaMask is also onboard with this initiative!

CC: @danfinlay @bitpshr


@brunobar79 @spence - YAY - great to have MetaMask ans MyCrypto on board! Would be great if you could define one or more representatives for this case. This makes it easier to organize gatherings and calls. Also this way I can fill out this section of the wiki without breaking the current format :wink:



Confirmed: tayvano and jspence425 of MyCrypto


@spence :+1: added :tada:

Added some initial agenda items for meeting 0 (I would say let’s do 0 virtual):

@brunobar79 and I would be happy to represent MetaMask. This is great to see, kudos for taking the lead on this! (I also think this type of ring is a perfect avenue for the discussion of potentially-breaking changes like rolling out EIP-1102 support.)

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Yay - great to have MetaMask on board! Just edited the wiki - also really looking forward to 1102. I really like MetaMask - but the privacy issue is really worrying me

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I’d love to join in on this discussion! We’re working on wallets for businesses and would definitely be open to contributing!

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Happy to represent Tenzorum in the wallet ring, currently flushing out our UI at the moment based around social key recovery.

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@joshuahannan @markspereira - great - added you both

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This might be interesting to all wallet developers: - nice alternative to light clients

Would be good to post that link as a top level post in the Wallet Ring…

I’d love to participate! We’re building SDKs, infrastructure, and experiences for native wallets/dapps. Excited to add to the discussion group and collaborate with y’all.

Great topic, @ligi !

Should we possibly create and maintain the list of all existing wallets direct in the heading posting (OP)?

Hi @ligi

I’m also working on the wallet for Tenzorum, please add me in too.

We are currently maintaining the list in the wiki - would love to keep it DRY and not also maintain the list in the heading post.

@radek1st6h / @ask : great! Can you give me your github usernames? You can also add yourself in the wiki.

Hi @ligi
This is a great topic! Could you please add myself and Richard to the Wiki as well? We are working on the Gnosis Safe / MultiSig.

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@tschubotz yay - great - added you - nice to see Gnosis Safe on board! With so many fellows we could already start our own (un)conference: Worldwide Wallet Developers Conference (WWDC) SCNR :wink:

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