Forming a ring: Token Standards

What date are we settling on for Berlin? @Recmo

ZK-summit is Sept. 5th
Security gathering is Sept. 6th
ETHBerlin is Sept. 7-8th

Full day? A morning? An afternoon?


@Recmo I am also interested. I am currently working for Enjin on ERC-1155, among other things. I could be in Berlin for any of those date.



@jpitts mentioned in this thread that it would be useful for these working groups to get some publicity at EthBerlin. I’ll be presenting on NFTs Friday @20:00 and would be happy to mention the Token Standards group - open to any input members have about what they’d like mentioned.

I’d also very much like to be a part of this. Couldn’t make ETHBerlin this time unfortunately in favor of ETHIS in Hong Kong, let me know if anyone else is going :slight_smile:

I’ve originally proposed EIP-1203 Multi-Class Token Standard (ERC-20 Extension) but since have been backing EIP-1155 instead.