Are any Magicians attending EthBerlin?

Hudson Jameson (@souptacular) will be putting on a workshop on governance. Reach out to him if you’d like to participate.

I am doing an hour and a half workshop on governance at EthBerlin and wanted to see if anyone from Magicians would be there that would want to spend some time talking about it or participate in the Q&A. If you all think of someone who would be good for that role and is attending EthBerlin please let me know!

Also, this is a good opportunity to gather interest around the various emerging Rings, if you are attending a relevant talk you might ask the presenter to mention your working group.


I will be at EthBerlin. Would love to meet some people from the wallet ring!


A couple people from our team will be interested in the different rings. Should I ask them individually to show their interest?

I’ll be at ETH Berlin too and would love to reconvene on Education.

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Hey all! Please reach out to me if you are interested in attending my session! The schedule on should let you know when it is if things change, but for now it is at 18:15 on Saturday the 8th at The Factory Görlitzer Park. You must have a ticket to EthBerlin to attend.


would like to attend, but have no ticket yet, unfortunately :frowning:

I’ll be presenting at EthBerlin on NFTs Friday @20:00 and would be happy to mention the Token Standards Ring if anyone wants to touch base about it.