Forming a ring: Mobile Ring



Hey everybody. I’m announcing a new ring: the Mobile Ring!

The aim of this ring is to get native mobile dapps, mobile dapp browsers, and wallets working together well on mobile.

Feel free to join! Please add yourself as a participant on the wiki page below if you’re interested:

Note: The Mobile Wallet Ring is a subring of both this ring and the Wallet Ring.

About the Mobile Wallet Ring category

Great to see this ring emerge!


Let’s make mobile Ethereum experience awesome together!


Count me in! I’m looking forward to building :slight_smile:


@ligi @rockfridrich @yshuman1 Great! Welcome! Feel free to add yourself in the Founding Participants section on the wiki page.


… You have my ack!!


Thanks for setting up the Charter @pcowgill and anyone else who helped.

I have created the Mobile Ring category here on the Forum!


That is super interesting! Thanks for creating it! Added myself to the wiki.


Hi, nice to meet you all. I have deep interest in participating in this ring :slight_smile:


This is great! Just added the MetaMask team


I’d love to get involved! Native mobile app development was my original entry into software development. Specifically Kotlin on Android, and a few Flutter apps.


very nice - maybe you want to have a look into kethereum at some point:


Thanks @ligi! Looks like a great library, digging through the issues to see where I can help out.


FYI we’re doing an organizing call ahead of the Magicians Gathering right before ETHDenver to plan for what to discuss in the Mobile Ring (and select a format for the discussion).

Here’s the forum post:

And a tweet: