Mobile Ring organizing call ahead of ETHDenver

I’d like for us to have a Mobile Ring organizing call ahead of ETHDenver.

If you’re interested in joining for the video call, please fill out this Doodle so we can find a time that works for as many people as possible:


The purpose of the call is to have “…an organizing call ahead of Denver, write up some wiki or HackMD pages, or in general prep for having productive meetings during the time we are all together in person.” (Source)

Also here’s the Mobile Ring HackMD for during the pre-ETHDenver gathering. We can use it to take notes before / during our organizing call as well.

If we decide to meet before the conference (my vote), they are offering meeting space for us

Complimentary event space may be available through our sponsor, Enterprise Co-Working on a first come, first serve basis. You can request this by emailing ( Please note that if you submit an event that directly conflicts with keystone BUIDL Week events, this may result in your event being delisted from our site.)

Thanks for the info @pi0neerpat.

It looks like Thu Feb 7 was the winner in the Doodle, so it will have to be a video call (since that’s before BUIDL week).

I set Thu Feb 7 as the final option on the Doodle poll just now.

It will be on Thu Feb 7 at 1:30pm CST (a.k.a. 13:30 CST). An example city in CST is Chicago.

Here’s a public Google Calendar event link you can use to add it to your calendar:

Here’s the Zoom link we’ll use for the call:

The call will be recorded so that we can share it with those who miss it.

Looking forward to it! See you there.

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This call is in < 24 hours! Details above.

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Great! Will be there - 20:30 CET

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Note: The meeting ended abruptly due to the Zoom free tier 40 minute time limit. Feel free to add any closing thoughts in the HackMD below:

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I have the pro version and am happy to host the next call.