Forming a Ring: Decentralization

Hi all,

This is a proposal to create a ring, namely the Decentralization Ring, which would act as an initiative to collect fellow researchers, hobbyists, advocates, and writers interested in the field of decentralized systems in order to collaborate on common goals.

The purpose of this ring is to combine forces to further research in this area and to broaden the aspects of research in this field. This means that members may collaborate, share ideas, and help each other out in research. I would encourage all members to share their work for the greater good.

Some suggested research topics that the ring may discuss and research include:

  • Approaches to decentralization
  • Different states of decentralization
  • Different types of decentralization
  • The structure and design of decentralized systems
  • Generalize decentralized systems, not only blockchain

The aim of this ring would be to:

  • Combine and share knowledge in the field with other members
  • Conduct and collaborate on research, including writing articles, etc.
  • Educate about decentralization and push the movement forwards
  • Create some kind of standard for decentralization (without limiting innovation)

I’ve created a working draft here: for anyone interested.

If there is community consensus about creating such a group, I will go ahead and add this to github.

Any thoughts?


Educate about decentralization and push the movement forwards

I think it is very important that we strongly push education about geographic-based decentralization. If blockchain is truly going to change the world, it needs to be done in a way that includes people and societies of many backgrounds.


I really appreciate that @hahnmichaelf - I’m wrangling the devcon scholarship program right now as a volunteer, and it blows my mind how stagnant the geopolitical barriers to participation still are-- we’re facing a depressing scene as far as getting visas issued for Global South invitees.

@mattisstenejohansen - this is the Ring idea that speaks to me more so than any of the others thus far. I’m part of a decentralization focused community commons in Vancouver BC, and we really think that this concept is the thread which runs through not just blockchain, but every technology and practice that could potentially transform societal power structures. If @boris and other OG magicians think there’s room for it, I would happily focus in on this Ring alongside you.

An emphasis on decentralization helps us separate out the wheat from the chaff as far as “does (x) need to be on a blockchain?” which is a crucial navigation with Ethereum so overloaded in these early days.

Hi @chisel, thank you for your interest and for signing up! I would love to hear more about the community you’re currently in, and maybe there’s chance you could spread the word about the ring! I do share your views on decentralization, and I hope that this brings some good conversation and collaboration in the future.

I’m very, very interested in this. Did you add the ring to this HackMD page? This page allows people to express interest in your proposed ring. Also, may I suggest that you link to that page from your main description page so people can easily sign up?

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@mattisstenejohansen if you intend to come to Prague, can you please list yourself here -->

We’re going to hit the deadline soon in fitting in slots for rings / breakout sessions.

@tjayrush, I believe it is in my bio now.

@boris, I am unfortunately not able to attend in Prague, but I could list it there so other people could meet up. My aim is to be present online during devcon, so that I will be able to communicate with someone that may be present on skype during the meetings, for instance. Maybe we could discuss this further, @chisel?

Hello again all,
I decided to add the ring to Github, please check it out here:

I have also created a Gitter chat here:

I am looking forward to this!


Hi @mattisstenejohansen Im curating the Paris agenda, if you would like to host a discussion there: COUNCIL OF PARIS: Call For Rings and Participants