Forming a Ring: Business Models

Hi all; Kevin from Gitcoin here.

I’m announcing the formation of a business models ring. You can sign up for it here: Council of Paris - HackMD

Why: I believe that finding sustainable business models is a very important thing to the long term health of this ecosystem. Also, I’m trying to figure out the business model for Gitcoin :slight_smile:

Like many others in the ecosystem, I was not excited about doing an ICO for our project. There have got to be other business models out there that do a better job of aligning the interests of end-users and dapp founders.
Some early ones I’m excited about:

  • state channels / streaming money
  • subscriptions
  • NFTs

I believe that we are building a world financial computer, which will eventually have dozens of use cases – and that tokens are just the first one. It’s hard to imagine what those are going to be (can you imagine sending an e-mail in the year 1985?), but I think it’s safe to say that there will be novel uses of the world financial computer that we’ve not yet thought of yet. And I believe they will be used with 10x or 100x the volume of that financial instruments we use today (just like we send 100x more emails than we do snail-mail today).

This ring’s objective* will be to map out various emergent business models for dapps, their pros/cons, and to publish this research for the good of the ecosytem.

* all of this is a proposal, and is subject to creating consensus within the ring.

Sign up here: Council of Paris - HackMD


I unfortunately will not be able to make it to Prague but am interested in the business model for dapps question.

Don’t know if subscriptions fall under this category, but what about the business possibilities of transaction-forwarding? Gas arbitrage, a premium for forwarding transactions or the like.

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Notes from the 2018/10/29 session =>

Hi :wave: I was the guy in the ring who babbled about constraints a lot. @cooganb That’s a good point, maybe we have different business models for different ISO layers…? I’ll try to write up my thoughts better as a post when devcon is over.

Hey @owocki thanks for facilitating. I’d like to contribute to this where I can be of help.

leave a comment here pls!

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There will be another business models ring in Colorado Feb 14th . Council of Colorado -- Business Models Ring