Council of Colorado -- Business Models Ring

Following our success in Prague with the Business Models Ring, I will be organizing a Business Models Ring for Council of Colorado (Feb 14 before ETHDenver). Sign up here: Call for Rings - Council of Colorado

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Some early interest in topics posted on twitter


There hav been some interesting discussions, starting with Ameen Soleimani’s “war mode” Tweet, and continuing today with Yalda Mousavinia’s Enabling War Mode article.

Some points from Yalda’s article:

  • Some centralization is necessary
  • Coin holder vote for CEO / war general
  • Avoid “Enterprise blockchain” because this enables our ecosystem competitors
  • A key goal is to sustainably earn fiat, create fiat on-ramps
  • As this is war, it is not necessary to practice open source or transparency

In the discussion so far, some interesting additional points are layered on:

  • Decisions somehow need to be made swiftly (citing Horowitz’s Peacetime CEO / Wartime CEO)
  • It is not necessary to avoid single sign-on e.g. FB Connect, so long as we have a roadmap to move users off of centralized platforms
  • Product experiments, forking dapps but integrating using current “off the shelf” solutions e.g. Stripe

This increase in subscription revenue represents a major shift, and the community should take notice. Perhaps Apple has been strategically moving developer and user behavior away from “free + selling your data” over to “subscriptions + privacy”.

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