EthMagicians in Paris for EthCC 2019, Monday the 4th of March

Dear Fellows,
Asseth is in the starting blocks for EthCC 2019. We are going to make it again at the same place and capitalize on our experience to make it better. We are targeting the 5th, 6th, 7th or March for this and we plan on doing a hackathon the 8th, 9th and 10th. It looks like a wonderful opportunity for having a fellowship gathering on Monday the 4th so it’s gonna be a full ethereum week! We can provide a giant 400 seats amphitheater for this. What do you think?


Sounds fantastic! I hope someone volunteers to organize.

That is the next step I think — see who wants to lead something for Paris.

Do you have any more details / a floor plan of the space? Multiple breakout rooms are typically useful.


or one big room, if it can be sliced into independent areas, like the plant room @web3summit

At the moment we have planned for 1 big room (400 seats amphitheater). It has 2 adjacent smaller rooms that can seat ~200.
I am volunteering, are you interested too ? :rocket:

@jdetychey Are these dates set in stone? I’m planning my conference schedule for next year and would love to attend for the whole week if that will be the case. Also, any plans when tickets and other info will be available on the site?


@jdetychey I’d also be interested in volunteering for anything around the event. Not sure what’s required or whether I’m qualified for above mentioned organisation of the gathering but otherwise anything else around the conference, coordinating, facilitating, people etc. DM me if help needed.

Yes the dates are “in the stone” since we need to book the place for the whole week (EthCC + EthParis)
Tickets should be on sale for EthCC in early december.

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Any help is welcome, can you dm me you email I will invite you to our slack!

@jdetychey, this is going to be wonderful, thank you for creating the ability to have such a large gathering and adjacent rooms! Last year it made possible the Magicians to exist and we will never forget it! EthCC 2017 set the tone for us and was the first time we formed a circle.

A new need: small workspaces for team collaboration

Currently it has been “talks” and “hackathons” and “eating together”, now we have “working together”. In Prague I believe there were at least 14 teams doing this and it was difficult! In Paris there may be even more. Accommodating this new need is important and we all may need to get creative!

Small groups of Magicians have been organizing into Rings and need time and space to meet. There is a need for numerous 10-20 person teams to collaborate over perhaps 2hr. The will need a white board, chairs, perhaps tables, these are things which our organizers can help with.

I wanted to raise awareness of this need and perhaps we can get creative on another thread about solutions. I am interested in needs I am not understanding, and interested in space considerations and limits to what we can creatively do (example: tents?).

Here is what a typical Ring meeting looked like in Prague. Some happened in hallways, was there even one by the food trucks?

If only I can find how to send DM here :smiley: My email is wisefalco at gmail Thanks!

Hi all! I’d be happy to help organising this. If there is no one else self-appointed, I can serve as the coordinator.

I’am pretty experienced with organizing conferences (check and and have been part of (most of) all three previous gatherings.

Let me know what you think, @jpitts, @boris and everyone else.


You stuck your hand up :wink: Talk to @jdetychey and let us know what you need for support. I can of course help with back office and operations as needed.


Thanks for stepping forward @tomislavmamic; AFAIK no one is acting as coordinator yet. It would be great to have you organizing! Definitely feel free to call for volunteers and start organizing calls, we’ll help where we can as @boris mentioned.

One aspect I am uncertain about was mentioned earlier in this conversation: workspaces for the various Rings and ad-hoc groups that may form. The location is a wonderful place, however it may be difficult to support this use. We will have to get creative!

Thanks guys, I will announce a call for the next week for everyone interested to join.


Hey everyone!

I would like to help too.
Please keep me informed about upcoming meetings.

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I’m 1000% in for Paris!

For convenience, here is a link to the notes and discussion from the recent Dec 12 call organized by @tomislavmamic.


Discussion: EthMagicians gathering at EthCC 2019 initial call