EthMagicians gathering at EthCC 2019 initial call



Dear all,
based on our tradition since Council of Prague, I propose a call on Wednesday 12.12.2018. at 17:00 CET for the first call about Fellowship gathering at EthCC in Paris on 04.03.2018.
If you would like to attend but can’t, let me know here in comments and we will see what to do about it.

Call details

Date: 12/12/2018 Wednesday
Time: 17:00 CET
Zoom call:


  • form the organizing team
  • write down a list of expectations
  • see what is done so far
  • schedule next call

Details and notes:
*Please write your name at the end of the document or here in comments to confirm you are attending the call.
@boris @jpitts @mariapaulafn @chisel @gcolvin @fubuloubu @expede @Ethernian @JosefJ @jdetychey

EthMagicians in Paris for EthCC 2019, Monday the 4th of March

Hey! the event seems broken!


Thanks MP, I think I fixed it now!


Still not, can you invite me at


Did it, the link should work but I don’t know why it doesn’t.
I’ll invite all who add their email to the hackmd or here in reply.


Google Calendar like this I’ve just not been able to make it work.

I can’t make tomorrow morning — I have another call. Will look for notes.


I’ve removed it when it doesn’t work.
See you later today!


I could not make it but I will try to make the next meeting! Thanks for organizing this @tomislavmamic and everyone who made it to the call.


please share the link to organizer’s chat.




we need some kind of private Dashboard or private discourse category with current tasks and status of actual activities. Private because some info like sponsorships should not be publicly accessible until settled.


I checked and there is a “planners” group for events, let me know on who should be in the group, it is intended for sponsorship-related discussions.


Hi all, let me catch up on all of this today, I had an awfully demanding week.
I will check everything you have done.

The call is supposed to be at the same time as last week (and every week after) if you can make it, today at 17h CET, sorry if I haven’t made that clear from the beginning.

Time: Dec 19, 2018 5:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

Let me know if you can make it.
@boris @mariapaulafn @Ethernian @jpitts @markoprljic @jdetychey


I have a conflicting meeting then so won’t be able to make it :neutral_face:


I have a conflicting meeting at this time as well, but Wednesdays should clear up for me in the near-future.


That is okay, I have a lot of catching up and sorting things out to do so if nobody can make it, we will just have it next Wednesday (day after Christmas).

As I’ve seen a lot has been done from our to do list made last time so I am confident we are on time with everything even if we skip this sync call.

I’ll have more time to work on this this week.