Ethereum Magicians Summer Sessions - Get there early on 29 July 2020 at 3-6pm CET

We are going to host Ethereum Magicians Virtual Summer Sessions - an amazing virtual event scheduled for July 29, 2020. :partying_face:

The gathering will feature moderated Zoom calls for discussing EIPs and coordinating, and a game-like social experience for the “entrance hall”… where you can voice-chat with others based on proximity. A key feature of the conference software that we’re using will enable us to place “posters” describing a paper or EIP around the entrance hall. We will be able to gather around the entrance hall. We will be able to gather around a topic and discuss it in small groups, similar to what we might do in hallways outside of talks.

Join this event to get to know about latest updates that following groups have, get answers to questions about how those groups started, their progress and ask questions.

Date: 29/July 2020
Time: 3pm CET → 6pm CET
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Article: Medium

Zoom talks
Meeting ID: 857 8436 4467
Passcode: Magic


Claim your POAP
Post screenshot from the event to this thread & you will receive link where you will put your ETH address and claim your POAP token :sparkles:

This event will be front running of the Ethereum in Enterprise 2020 Conference

Stay Magical :sparkles:


Thanks @anett for organising this, it was nice seeing you all despite these difficult times.

Here is the screenshot for my POAP :slight_smile:


Hi :wave: ! Thanks a lot for the meeting, I understand how magicians works now :smile: !

(My screenshot for the POAP :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi @Amxx it was nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:

Claim your POAP in your DMs :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Nathan :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for kind words, open your DMs to claim you POAP :slight_smile: