Welcome to the Magic Forest

Here is the URL to follow: https://gather.town/4Ip9lJfVy8QuRV7m/summer-sessions-2020

Head over to the main hall to get to the Zoom call!

3 quick warnings:

  • Mute yourself on Zoom if you’re also in the Gather / Magic Forest map
  • Once you do the standard accept video/audio, you will start streaming once in proximity to others in the map
  • You can re-spawn if something goes wrong, use the :gear: settings to the left

This web application is the conference hall and social hangout for the 2020 Ethereum Magicians Summer Sessions.

You can have audio/video discussions with anyone proximate to you in the Magic Forest map, so get there early to hang out before the Sessions at 3pm CET. There is also a text chat function.

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Too bad I missed this magic gathering. How was your experience with the app? I’m considering to use it with my team.

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I loved it! Very fun

People loved it and we will use it in the future :slight_smile:

You should definitely try it with your team :slight_smile: