Ethereum Magicians session in Denver 2023

Hello fellow Eth Magicians :sparkles:

We are going to host day session in Denver around ETH Denver

This session is focused to bring together EIP editors, EIP authors, contributor or adopter of any EIP/ERC.

Session details:

Date: March 2nd
Time: 10am → 1pm
Address: Denver Rino - full address available on Eventbrite
Tickets available on Eventbrite

Please RSVP so we have better idea of headcount, we won’t sell your personal information nor send you any email other than related to this event/



  • We are looking for an EIP editors, EIP authors, contributor or adopter of any EIP/ERC to speak at this session. Let us know in this thread if you are interested in speaking.

Thank you to @xinbenlv for co-hosting this event with us!

The event will be held in person, remote participation is not available due to administration constraints

This post is subjected to be updated or changed over time


Looking forward to meet all of FEM friends soon

I’m interested in speaking as an EIP author. Looking forward to discussing EIP-5173, which uses an improved NFT framework to change the zero-sum mentality in trading of NFTs and other financial instruments. A fundamental shift in financial transactions and the end of centuries of conflicts of interest. More for you is also more for me.

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Definitely interested in speaking as an EIP author (EIP-6066).

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Interested in speaking as an EIP author (EIP-5023) and as an adopter of shareable NFTs in relation to our EU-funded research project ATARCA which aims to address market failures in relation to digital goods and data markets by developing and testing alternative infrastructures for economic growth centred on the concept of anti-rivalry.


Definitely interested in speaking about EIP 6093 and why it´s good for OpenZeppelin Contracts in 5.0

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