Ethereum Magician Stickers

We should make stickers from this photo for the next gathering:



Ask and you shall receive! I bountied a design for this sticker to be made:

Please share the link so we can get some awesome submissions :slight_smile: We’ll get them printed in time for the next meet up!


cool - looking forward to the submissions :wink:

But would also make the original to stickers - btw.: found it in a bit higher resolution (reverse image search FTW) - should IMHO be good enough for printing

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I haven’t gotten any prints of our Cyber Open Sourceress yet

In general, there is a ton of art work I’d love to see generated for Magicians. Like, NFT artwork for Council of Paris, Berlin, and Prague attendees!

But all of these are fun “we should” – that ideally someone will transform into “I am doing”.


ACK - but “we should” is often the start of “I am doing” :wink:

Anyway - I will print a badge for ~42DAI (If anyone wants to increase the volume - please let me know - usually they get cheaper the more you print) - I want to do it before #35c3 as they would be prefect for the sticker tables there and I hope this can help widening the intersection of both communities. This would be the current file I will send to print:

I think we need the text on the stickers for stronger connection. If anyone has better skills putting text on images please shoot. This was just the result of my poor gimp skills …-)

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Ethereum Magicians burn investor’s money :slight_smile:

We had a pretty cool submission to the bounty I posted earlier :smiley:


YAY - Super nice!!!


@c-o-l-o-r are the raw files somewhere? Ideally with layers? Would love to do a print - but I think the writing "Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians must be a wee bigger - otherwise I fear it will not be readable on a standard size hexagon …-(

2500 Stickers are ordered 7,4cmx7,4cm so you have the chance to read the text. They should arrive before the Ethereum Meetup Berlin next Friday. Will also bring some to 35c3

@c-o-l-o-r thanks for sending me the assets and the initiative of putting a bounty out for this.

@jpitts @boris what do you think about a repository “assets” or something like this so we can store/iterate on/provide files like this?

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Check it into the Scrolls repo.

not really sure if this should go into the scrolls repo. Especially for large binary files IMHO it is always better to have a separate repo

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My personally feeling is that we already don’t have full adoption of getting things done with github issues.

The Scrolls repo only has a README in it. Let’s solve future problems when we have them.

For this use, I agree that we should create a separate repo for graphical assets and especially photos.

Rationale: this use is not for governance, notes, etc, but for production. Also, often production graphics are stored in different sizes and the blooming repo size would eventually interfere with the use of Scrolls.

If once in a while a particular asset becomes necessary for use in the Scrolls, then a reasonably-sized image can be copied over.


@boris In general I completely agree with solving future problems when they arise - but in this case the damage done can be very complicated to undo (once the images are in - you can revert the commit - but this does not really help. Things get quite ugly then. So I agree with @jpitts in this case.

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I’ll just say that I think you’re both thinking like developers :slight_smile:

I mean, stick it in a Google Drive folder or literally point to the original here in this thread and just add a wiki page called “Assets” that points to wherever these resources live.

Lots of “solutions”.

We use an internal version of HackMD and have assets uploaded to S3 until I can have our own IPFS hosts / gateway stood up →

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I like this approach w/ HackMD, or perhaps a personal repo @ligi, anything to keep bloated assets out of the Scrolls.

Amazing :ok_hand:


@boris can I ask why you do not like a repo for this inside the org? would really prefer this over drive/hackmd/personal repo/s3/…
I also really hope this leads to collaboration - so people make PRs that improve these assets or build upon them.

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We have pretty much to zero usage / activity of just the one Scrolls repo. I would love to have PRs and issues and actual collaboration. Any actual TO DOs I am continuing to put in there, but haven’t had much success in people adopting it yet. Or doing things.

Making another repo – with one asset in it – won’t help.

“bloated assets” – for one file – is not a problem we have right now.

BTW – I was explaining how we do this at SPADE just as an example. We use HackMD internally heavily so a fit for us.

The Ethereum Foundation has and has a “group” for us at EthMagicians. Not sure if they have file uploads turned on. MP is the one who has access? Looks like my github account hasn’t been added to the list yet.

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